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Friday, February 07, 2003

Happy Puppy! Happy Puppy!

I'm surrounded by yarn! The LP worsted just arrived, and it's delish, as always. But, we also have a box that's a 2ft x 2ft x 2 ft cube just CRAM JAMMED with Cascade yarns. Tons of 220, lots of Sierra, and a bunch of their Bulky Leisure. Leisure is a boucle of 50% cotton and 50% alpaca (and all luxury), and I've been hand-dyeing it of late. Knit up it feels like a big, fuzzy, snuggly towel of the most plush type. I used it for two different versions of the SHAPE-IT! scarf from the new Sally Melville book, and they are quite popular on the fondle scale. And the yarn takes the dye magnificently! (ok, ok, pictures over the weekend, alright?)

I'm just glad to have my boxes. Time to go roll around in yarn. mmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm sure I don't want Matt's reaction to this finding.........

What swear word am I?

I'm bitch.

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Ok, this must stop

Who are you?

Wow, didn't Matt do a great job on my new blog? Not only is he talented with color, he's a web design wizard. Thank you!

I took a quick quiz today, and here's no surprise whatsoever....especially if you know me

What Was Your PastLife?

Knitting, well, I've been wrapping up a few special-order projects that I've been avoiding. You'll see pictures of the BIG felted totebag shortly, I promise. It's a fun project for an artist friend of mine on the north side of Indy. She and I came up with a wild idea to use a double strand of Brown Sheep's Handpaint Originals in the English Garden colorway to create a tote for her. You can't see it in the snippet online, but it's sapphire blue/purple, oranges, magenta, green, and oh so gorgeous. VERY distinctive, and very fun--it's going to look like an impressionistic painting turned accessory when it's felted, and it has garnered more than a few comments this week while I was working on it. I'm working on the straps, so it's almost finished. Tonight......tonight.

I felted en masse last night--two loads, tons of goodies. One load was a (Cascade 220) denim marl flapped handbag, a denim marl door mitten, two rolled-brim hats (one black, one pine), a pair of fuzzy feet in LP worsted rust, and a pair of clogs in a vineyard-like colorway. The second batch was another fuzzy feet (Cascade 220 in a rose shade) and another pair of clogs, this time periwinkle and light green. Yes, pictures to follow. I had to get the FF finished to be used as models for tomorrow's big FFFA workshop we're conducting tomorrow. Much thanks to MamaKate for her part in promoting Theresa's wonderful design for Knitty.

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm half of ThreadBear, and the other half is Matt. We started about 18 months ago producing finished goods, mostly felted accessories and the like, and we've since morphed into also owning a LYS (local yarn shop). While it's something I've always dreamt of doing, I thought it would be 3-5 years until it could happen. SURPRISE!

So I sit here, waiting on the delivery of our order of Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride in the worsted weight for the FF workshop. I wasn't going to carry the worsted weight just yet, but Hope inspired me to do so last Friday. I ordered and even asked for 3-day shipping, so I'm confused where the boxes are right now. I hope Brown Sheep isn't overly behind on their shipping.