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Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's My Big Girl's Birthday!

Yup, it's true

Connor turns nine today (63 in dog that possible?) and the day is all about her! She was a major snuggle bug last night (despite having to go out at 4:37 a.m.) and she even stayed in bed long after I got up for the morning (when the pups sleep with me, they typically get ME up to go out, or at least get up when I do--they BOTH sacked in this morning). Connor for sure, and sometimes Tate, has a tendancy to be a little sluggish when it's overcast and rainy, and this morning was no exception to that rule. I figure it's her special day--why not let her sleep late!

So today, at the shop, there's cake, revelry, and lots of head scratches to go around. She's definitely the star of the day, and she rightly deserves it.

A few of you asked about colors we had on hand in Karabella Gossamer, the yarn used to make the cocoa-colored shawl SueH is wearing in the photos below. Here's your current options, as of today's shelf stock

In the picture above, the upper right-hand shade appears to be a minty blue, but in real life, it's a lovely robin's egg/water blue shade.

There's plenty of each on hand, and the shawl calls for three balls (plus the printed pattern), so if you're interested in picking out a shade just for you, let me know and we'll get the process started!

And on Friday, we received a small box from Lorna's Laces, with these little goodies inside

There were two others, but they are already sold (one's on the way to Virginia and the other was adopted out to a good home locally). That's Helen's Lace, their amazing merino/silk blend with 1,250 yards in a hank for $52 each. I absconded with a hank of Purple Club to make a shawl for my mom (using the label pattern) for a little warmth for her when she has some medical stuff done over the coming months.

Beyond that, I'm done for the day (off to go make sure our customers are having a good time and our e-mails are being answered). Hopefully I'll get to knit a little (probably after hours), but I did make an entire mitten this morning (mine doesn't quite look like this yet, as I don't have the embroidered swirls on mine...SOON). Next....back to my Silky Chic woobie.....explanations later!