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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Update on Alchemy

The Promise is all spoken for, but we have Roots & Wings and Lickety Split left as of tonight/this morning.

Thanks to all who helped lower our stock levels in this and the Blue Moon. Fiber is good for the soul!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The "Boths" Win

You know me........a sucker for sharing too much, so there's both Alchemy AND Blue Moon in today's post. So away we go.......with a third portion, an additional surprise (which is more of a tease than anything).

First off, Alchemy Yarns at 50% of retail:

Promise, a lovely brushed mohair (86% kid mohair, 14% nylon) in hanks of 440 yards that they recommend at 3 sts/inch on a US 10 needle.

The last one is really Deep Sea, not Deep Dea. Ah, the joys of working late at night. Current price is $15 a hank.

Next is Roots & Wings, a loopy mohair/wool/nylon blend in hanks of 55 yards in 100g. Retail is $26, so our current price is $13, and I have these on hand

The last remaining yarn is Lickety Split, a fat 100% wool yarn with 66 yards to a hank for just $9.50 right now. This stuff knits on a US 13 at 2 sts/inch and has a slightly felted appearance. Check it out

That's the end of the rope for Alchemy--we'll not be stocking it any longer and what I have is all I have or will have.

Now, on to the Blue Moon yarn called "Socks That Rock". This is a superwash 100% merino yarn put up in 4.25oz hanks that have 325 yards in them. It's $16 retail, so our price is $14.40 each, and we're told that a hank is enough to make a pair of socks for a typical adult (no lederhosen, no NBA-player feet, etc.). It's lovely to knit with (I started a sample sock when the first "scout party" of yarn arrived--most folks would call them sample skeins, but I'm weird like that) and it reminds me a good bit of another highly-twisted merino base yarn but the dyeing is significantly different. Here's what we have on hand as of right now:

but wait, there's more

and more

and still more.........

and one more ............

If you're interested in ordering any of these little darlin's (Alchemy or Blue Moon), slip me a note and we'll get the process rolling right away. Remember, some things (especially certain colors of the Blue Moon) are in short supply--one and two hanks only--and they may go fast. We'll have more Blue Moon in July, but not immediately.

Other temptations, you ask? We saw a new yarn while we were at the big semi-annual yarn market weekend before last. It's called Malabrigo, and you can see the solid color card online here. We received a color card with real yarn snippets on it, including multis, and WOW, am I in love. The hand of the yarn is amazing, as it's 100% merino, and at 215 yds in a 100g hank, it's going to be a joy to knit with at a GREAT price--about $10.50 retail (so like...$9.45 from me).


I had to get that out right up front, but here's a look at three hanks

That's a lovely hank of Burgundy Dash on the bottom, a nearly-solid Emerald Vivacity in the middle, and an unnamed hank of BEAUTY (I think it's Loro Barranquero) on the top. It's smaller because I've swatched with it (twice already). See

One is "garment fabric gauge" (about 4 sts/inch) and the other was knitted on larger needles and felted. I really like the fabric/hand of the felted swatch, and the garment swatch is TO DIE FOR. I look forward to this yarn coming in later this fall.

That's about it for now.........I took more pictures of another finished item (the New Magic Shawl) and plan to share that with you in the next day or two. And of course, there's the two wild scarves I've been making this week.........

Monday, June 20, 2005

Viewer's Choice

I'm blogging on Tuesday, come hell or high water..........and I leave it up to you what I show.

Option 1

What's left of the half-off Alchemy Yarns

Option 2

Pictures of the lovely Blue Moon "Socks That Rock" 100% superwash merino yarn that's taking Lansing by storm

whichever has the most comments (below, not in the tagboard) by the time I get in Tuesday morning will be the topic of discussion. Unless you're greedy and say BOTH