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Monday, December 17, 2007

All Is Well

Don't take a lack of blogging as an indicator of something being wrong. All is fine, we got some serious snow (8 inches) over the weekend, the beagle has a name (Busby)--which means he's a permanent family member now, and all goes well between Matt and I. The biggest reason behind my not blogging recently is.....

Matt's laptop went haywire and is at HP being fixed

I typically use the laptop early in the morning or late at night (both times when he's sleeping), as it's difficult to blog/post to Ravelry from the shop and using a machine that doubles as a cash register.

It should be back soon, so I'll be posting regularly again shortly. I will try to post from the shop this week (pictures are stacking up, as are WIPs and FOs) and there's so much amazing merchandise to share with you......TONS of goodies. Seriously!