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Friday, May 25, 2007

Catching Up

Despite not posting for a couple days, I do have some progress to show for my time off here. Check out the front and-a-half on the 127 Print v-neck cardigan (you saw the back of this last post)

I'll have that second front completed tonight, as the knitting is quick (4 sts/inch) and the size (38" finished bust) is small. Sleeves shouldn't be an issue, either, as they're the same gauge.

I also made some big progress on the Weasley sweater

When last you saw it here, it was embryonic--just two skeins of yarn in unknitted form. I've worked on this while visiting with a sales rep (the lovely K Mary) on Monday and again on Wednesday morning (while having my monthly "day of beauty", a.k.a. haircut and pedicure). With respect to the sweater......oh, the fabric! It's Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran Tweed, which is mostly merino with some silk (obvious in the hand of the fabric) and some cashmere (for added softness). Yum Yum! And, it's a quick knit, as it's also 4 sts/inch. Once I finish the back it will be off to sleeve island, as I don't have the contrasting color on hand for the intarsia H I plan to add while knitting the front.

We received two sample skeins of sock-weight yarn this week

It's an indie dyer and her work is beautiful! I cannot wait to see it worked up, and that will be the telling tale as to whether or not we pick up her yarns for the shop. I haven't seen her stuff out there yet, so hopefully we'll be lucky enough to bring it to you here, soon! Matt's waiting to see what it works up like, but I'm ready to go NOW.

Speaking of sock yarn, we had a delivery of Mountain Colors Bearfoot recently. Check it out!

and more.....

and even more

and still more

At just $21US per skein, it's a lovely yarn that makes stunning socks, as it's a blend of superwash merino, mohair, and nylon, coupled with the amazing dyeing prowess of the great folks at Mountain Colors. I can't wait until more shows up in a few weeks!

Speaking of new projects and hand-dyed yarn companies, this little beauty is sure causing a good bit of flutter around the web

After a morning post on the Yarn Harlot's blog, we received tons of calls for this pattern. We'll have it next week, probably around Thursday (maybe sooner), as it's already been orders. I also ordered more of the yarn needed to make it (it calls for one each of eight different skeins of their worsted-weight yarn). At $16 each, that's a pricey baby cardigan, so I talked with Matt this morning and we plan on offering kits made of smaller skeins of yarn (enough to make a sweater, of course) as soon as possible, through the shop. We're taking pre-orders for both single sheet patterns and kits, so if you need one, be sure to contact us toll free at 866-939-BEAR or via e-mail and we'll be in touch regarding payment and shipping info as soon as things arrive via UPS.

Speaking of ordering, if you neeeeeeeeed some Bearfoot, same drill--contact us toll free at 866-939-BEAR or via e-mail and we'll be in touch regarding payment and shipping info.

Off to go finish a front!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Trying To Catch My Breath

Not much "free time" of late, especially today. It was up at 7 a.m., did some of my requisite chores (Monday is "wash the sheets" day, if you must know), did some online business stuff (read e-mails, transferred funds across accounts, paid some bills and other yarn obligations), and then headed downstairs around 8:15 or so to walk the pups, fix breakfast, and kinda chill for a little bit. Then off to the shop by 10 a.m. (well, 10:15) to meet up with a sales rep (the fabulous Mary Bell) to see what's new from Colinette. See, what an exciting life!

First, we met this

that's a really bad shot of a swatch Mary let me knit up in the new yarn called Iona, a blend of wool, silk, and mohair that's just delicious! At $23.50 a skein, it comes in 45 different colourways, knits around 4 sts/inch on a US 9 (5mm) needle, and has about 163 yards in a hank. Delivery will be in early/mid July, and I'm really looking forward to that one.

Mary is also our Schaefer Yarns rep, and she had a little cash-n-carry with her today

That's 16 new skeins of Lola, their worsted-weight superwash merino that's lovely to knit with and makes incredible socks or baby things or their new stuffed bunny pattern. These join about three dozen other hanks already on the shelf, but they're a welcome addition to our stock. There's 280 yards (worsted) for $24 per hank, if you need any. Call us (866-939-BEAR) or e-mail me and we'll take care of you! (the letters correspond to letters that we put on the skeins to make ordering easier, as this yarn does not come in standard colourways--if you see one you like, you MUST snatch it up, as they do not repeat color combos).

Matt created a big Harry Potter display in the shop over the weekend

Books, yarn suggestions, and lots of inspiration galore, near the front of the shop. We have plenty of the new book "Charmed Knits" for sale, and I'm getting caught up in it all. I swatched last night for a Weasley Sweater

to be used as a shop model out of this yarn

That's Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran and the resulting fabric was just incredible in the swatch. I'll cast on tonight, during my sock class (session #2--turning heels, picking up along heel flaps, and working gussets) while they work hard on their socks.

I also made some progress over the weekend on the red cardi

That's the back, and I started a front today, working with Mary and ordering yarn. (pinning credits to Sabrina, our store manager, as she made it look flat for me with T-pins) It's a quick knit and should be finished toot sweet!

And with that, this post is over. Sorry for the lack of substance in the posts lately--they've been pretty furtive and not very informative. More soon!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Drive By Posting

The body is complete!

It's shown here on the mannequin we call Dummy Pat (it has no bustline, so it must be a male mannequin), pinned to within an inch of its life. The fronts are pinned down and won't be that close together because of the wide bands that are yet to be added (and all that remains!). I'll try to pick up and knit the band today, maybe tomorrow. I need uninterrupted time for that, and today doesn't look good for uninterrupted time.

The cabled raglan detail is quite a nice touch

that Amy, the designer, included. Way to go, Amy!

I'm above the armhole decreases on the red sweater, too. It's only a 38" finished bust garment, so it's going quickly, for sure!

And for Ben, who asked about the twisted bundle of yarns earlier this week--that's three hanks of Claudia Hand Painted in the fingering weight, in three different colourways. Just a little bit of the stock we have in her beautiful yarns!

See you tomorrow!