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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Obtuse References

Amy, on my tagboard, makes a reference to what? no bunkbeds? after my last post.

What she mentions is our half-joking statement that based on requests from many of our local folks, we were planning to put in racks of bunks in the back storage room and open up a sort of B&B and/or hostel for wayward yarn fanatics. My only concern was that until we get the laundry tubs installed (along with plumbing for a washing machine, so we can felt), any "guests" would have to freshen up in the mop sink in the far back. Not an attractive option, but several didn't seem to mind.

Well, maybe we'll have to add a second story to the building (at the current rate of new yarn deliveries, this isn't ....jokingly....out of the question). Or a third story, so we can continue to expand AND have the hostel facilities.

Tonight wraps up another busy weekend at the shop, complete with a weekend of winter weather (light snow on Saturday day and overnight last night) and a visit from the very creative Pam S., one of our yarn reps. She's the one that visited last February and inspired Matt a good bit (me, too, but not as much as Matt, as he's the creative one!). She did it again this time, even if the visit was cut short a little bit by other obligations. Her two renditions of the poncho from the first Stitch N Bitch book are both amazing--she uses Cascade Magnum in place of a Rowan yarn and Trendsetter products for embellishments. VERY stylish............I may have to make one (and it would be a QUICK knit, as Magnum is super-bulky and sooooooooo soft).

Hopefully more later in the week, but for now, I'm outta here and on to entering more new inventory and printing more stickers! Hooray for me!