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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's Here!!!!

I walked into the shop around 9:45 this morning and there were two large sacks with customs stuff all over them. WAHOO! Beauty is mine! Here's a list of what came in this first shipment

  • Burgundy
  • Cuarzo
  • Little Lovely
  • Navy
  • Jaen
  • Cuarenta
  • Natural
  • Black
  • Lime Blue
  • Lavanda
  • Damask Rose
  • Curacao
  • Stone Chat
  • Peach Tree
  • Blue Surf
  • Tortuga
  • Alpine Pearl
  • Polar Morn
  • Dusty Olive
  • Cypress
  • Cognac
  • Oceanos
  • Lettuce
  • Velvet Grape
  • Emerald Blue

    If you're interested in any, it's $10.50 each. E-mail me and claim some as your own.

    I'll work on getting photos up as soon as possible, but here's a link to the color card, if that helps!

  • Monday, October 17, 2005

    Malabrigo Madness!

    DHL (their courier service) called today to get specific "legalities" stuff from the shop and to let us know that the yarn was clearing customs today and should be in the shop either 24 or 48 hours from the time of their call (this morning).

    That means it should be in house on Tuesday (tomorrow) or Wednesday. And just to clarify things--we ARE getting 30 bags of yarn, but I have absolutely no clue what shades/colourways are coming.

    And yes, I've already asked him to expedite the next section of our original order of 90+ bags of yarn (two of every colourway was our starting point). This is some SERIOUSLY amazing stuff...........

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    In My Best George Michael Voice....

    "Well I guess it would be nice.......if I could knit the body" (paraphrasing just a little bit, but hey....)

    I've started my Faith Jacket, creating the bulky-weight yarn version using Manos del Uruguay wool yarn. We've been just inundated with shipments of Manos (three in a couple weeks) at the shop, so stock is nearly 100% right now (it moves quickly around here). Matt (our resident color guru) spent some time putting together color combinations one day recently, with the help of a couple of our staff folks. There were six different options for met o choose from, and while I wanted to do something outside my normal color range, but I kept being drawn back to one specific grouping (as did two other folks who's opinions I did solicit). Here's the winning combination

    The solid (Raspberry) is my joining and edging color, and I'm using the 100 (Agate) for the main color, blended with the 105 (Lava). Yum Yum!

    I had a shot of the six completed strips, but the file failed on the disk and I couldn't rescue it. No biggie, as it was just a shot of strips of garter stitch fabric. So all I have to share is this shot of some of them, joined together

    I'm MOST pleased with the look and feel of this garment so far. Check out this close up....

    it is just BEEE-YOOOOOO-TEEEEEEE-FUL in person. This is going to be one fantastic jacket when it's finished. And because it's just garter stitch strips (and sleeves) and because it's assembled along the way (with MINIMAL finishing after the fact), this one should fly off the needles.

    Malabrigo update---unfortunately, I don't know what shades are in the shipment that's already in transit. And I'm not sure when it's arriving--sometime between Monday (tomorrow) and Wednesday is my best guess. YUM YUM! More's how they look joined together But I do have six strips