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Friday, March 30, 2007

A Whole Lotta Pretty

Yup, Meg's dad popped by around 2 p.m. today and delivered.......boy, howdy, he delivered. First off, something new

That's her newest yarn (to us) she calls Kaboom!, which is a blend of 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo, and 10% nylon and will knit at the sport weight (about 6 sts/inch). There's 400 yards in a hank, so PLENTY for a pair of socks. It's $27 a hank and she calls the colourway Stone. She also delivered hanks of superwash DK/light worsted

in four colourways. (I've linked to knitted samples, where on the colourway name). You see Stone again (back left), there's Giggle (front left, the pink combo), Wing (front right--light blues/pinks/lavenders), and Flux (back right, and not quite as bile yellow as you see in this pic, thanks to digital photography). There's 240 yards in a hank, so I think you could get a pair of socks for men out of one, but fore sure you can get a pair for women out of one hank. It's superwash merino wool and is $26 a hank. YUM would also be amazing for kid's items, given the washability.

More yarn appeared again today at the shop

and a little hilarity ensued. That's one of our great staffers, Kyle, with a bundle of Manos del Uruguay wool on her head, a la Marie Antoinette (or George Clinton in the Parliament/Funkadelic years). But who wouldn't wanna wear this on your head

Such beauty....such amazing knitted fabric.....such phenomenal patterns.

A little bit of goodies from Adrienne Vittadini and Jo Sharp inside

That's more Felicia in the color I'm using for the shop model that's all but done (but I left the disk with those pictures on it at home today...durnit!).

One more box arrived today, completely by surprise

That's the first half of our Premiere order from Classic Elite. This yarn is just heavenly, as it's a cotton/tencel blend that has amazing lustre.

Speaking of fun that arrived today

these three lovely ladies are, from left to right, Kathy S (local knitter), Candace Eisner Strick (famous knitting celebrity), and Deni T (local knitter). The two local folks are great custo-friends who came up to the airport to bring Candace to their part of the state (south of here) for a weekend of workshops and knitting fun. Unfortunately, Ruth Ann couldn't be here (she was home cooking for the group), but we heard from her via phone. Candace was a bad, bad girl while she was here--she showed me her website and I immediately fell in love with her kits and projects and signed up for her wholesale website right away. We'll be ordering these beautiful kits early in April (next week), for sure!

Need any further information about what you see above (especially the hand-dyed beauties from Meg?)....drop me a note or call the shop (toll free) at 866-939-BEAR and we can help!

It's Meg Friday!

Her product is in the shop, graciously delivered by her father, as Meg is off on Spring Break with her family, enjoying the sights and sounds of the big city.

I'll be posting pictures of the yarns that were delivered today very shortly. They're AMAZING! (and different from anything she's ever done for us!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blue Skies, Nothin' But Blue Skies........

Do I see.......

Yup, that's nine boxes of love, right there. And I can't wait to come back on Thursday and work (play?) with this shipment. Unfortunately, it goes right back in the stockroom when we're done stickering, waiting for our upcoming Yarn Tasting events in two weeks.

(But at least I get to knit with a little bit of it in the mean time!)

Speaking of Yarn Tasting, I'm almost finished with a model garment I started recently and haven't showed you a single piece of....yet. I'm down to just one sleeve left (they're cap sleeves--a quick knit!), so look for updated pix here tomorrow (promise!).