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Thursday, March 27, 2003

And Now for a Public Service Announcement

I didn't know this existed, but I'm sure it had to happen................there's an errata sheet for Sally Melville's latest book, The Knitting Experience, and it can be found here. I just found out about it tonight.

It's only one page, so if you own the book, it's a simple print of a PDF file. If you purchase the book in the near future (they're back in print, as we got a dozen from our supplier yesterday...need/want one?), be sure it includes this errata sheet or that you save this URL. From the looks of things, most of them are minor, but one or two are rather important updates.

Quiet day on the homefront. Quiet weekend planned--no teaching or workshops, just open doors for those who want to come by, knit, snack, and carry on--as usual. Plenty to do--we got another box of goodies from Mountain Colors today, with 30 hanks of Weaver's Wool Quarters and 30 more patterns in our Spring Sock Spectacular, and I expect the UPS driver to bring Brown Sheep Friday--some LONG LOST LAMBS (a.k.a. backorders from October and November). But we're waiting for the biggie on Monday--450 skeins of Cascade 220. YUM. Speaking of Cascade, Matt finished the Pastaza pages today. Check out this incredible chunky-weight llama/wool blend that is very similar to Classic Elite Montera, but at a way better price point (and just $6.98/skein from us). And he added our new stock in Two Old Bags patterns. What a guy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Celery vs. Limes

You've asked for it, and it's time to see the old favorite versus a new comer.
Lime Yarn Lime Felt
Celery Yarn Celery Felt
As you can see, the lime is more green, with stronger yellows and blues pulling through.

I like them both, but I think my favorite is still the celery (Cascade 220 9407). It's more subtle, and it makes for a wonderful springtime felted project. Lime could be more appropriate for summer. I say newcomer because the lime shade is one of the new heathers that Cascade released last November. We've had them in stock since November 1, and they're just smashing. I think the heathers have an incredible depth of color that is just amazing.

As I mentioned yesterday, this comparison was requested by someone, so if you have a request, just let me know. I'm glad to try it, of course. Next up, Cascade 220 in 9451, as requested by TheresaW. Wanna be next? Just say the word.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Before and After

As I mentioned in yesterday's post (and even more of you have commented on the need/want for same), we're working on putting together a page of pictures that would compare skeined Cascade 220 to the felted fabric of that yarn. That's alot of knitting, but I'm up to the challenge. But in the mean time, you'll see bits and pieces here, as a sort of preview of the web page. And as soon as it reaches critical mass and makes sense to create a page (and when Matt gets caught up with all he's been charged with doing..........I do respect his time and his limits now and then.....), we will. But for now, here's a group of recent felting excursions.

9455 Yarn 9455 Felted
Celery 9407 Felted
9442 Yarn 9442 Felted
Sorry about the blurry picture on the rose shade......I blew that shot.

And for my next trick, we'll see the difference between Celery (9407) and what I'm calling lime heather for lack of a better term. The experiment is complete and will be posted tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.

And don't forget--suggestions welcome on what to felt next, from the Cascade 220 collection. Just drop me a note to suggest something and I'll get knitting right away. I'm about halfway done with the day pack mentioned in last night's post.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Felt Please

Wow! What a week it was last week. Between several days of knitting adventures in other cities (we run a sort of mobile yarn mobile to a couple nearby towns and support their local knit nights with help, hands-on instruction, support, encouragement, ideas, and yarn/patterns) and then Third Thursday, it was a busy week. Couple that with a Wonderful Wallaby class here on Saturday and a Koigu scarf workshop on Sunday, as well as some felting and knitting of my own, we were knackered (see, watching So Graham Norton is paying off). So forgive me for being tardy with my Monday entry.

But you'll forgive me when I show you this--a BRAND NEW PROJECT. No, it's not a felted cross-your-heart bra, it's the Felted Day Pack from my favorite line of felted projects--Two Old Bags. Katie and Ann do marvelous things with worsted wool and 6.5mm needles. Here's some magic courtesy of them and Cascade Yarns' Cascade 220.

The pattern has two variations--back pack or shoulder sling. The difference is in the placement of the straps at the back. This one is the shoulder sling, so the straps you see it hanging by are centered in the middle of the lower back/bottom of the bag. In Mare's version seen here she made the backpack style, with the straps attached at the wider option. Either way, they're a darn FUN project. I like them both ways--striped and solid. Now I can't wait until next Monday, when the 450 skeins of Cascade 220 arrive (I ordered just a tiny bit of yarn today........).Oh, the options

Downstairs in the washer is a flap-top bag knit with a lime heather shade of 220. It's a little bit brighter than celery, one of my all-time favorites for felting. I look forward to comparing the two, and this project was a special request of Julie when I asked what next about a week ago. Since the bag is done, I submit the request to you again--what shade of 220 would you like to see felted up next? Suggest it in the tagboard and I'll start it shortly. For now, I'm working on another day pack, this time in California Poppy (LOVE that name) with a bright blue stripe. Matt's the color wizard, so he picks out combinations and I produce finished goods.

At the request of many of you, we're creating a page where you can view the yarn in the skein side-by-side with a shot of the felted fabric from that yarn. This way you'll have a better idea of what a finished project should look like when subjected to torture in the washing machine. And speaking of my Admiral machine, I'm off to go check on the progress of that lime heather bag. More tomorrow--I promise! Be well!