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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Back With More

Well, I've made some progress on a variety of projects. First off, I showed you a pile of yarn from Colinette

It's going to be a new wrap/cover up called "Geisha" from the genius minds at the US distributor, Unique Kolours. Here's progress check

I think a close-up of the fabric is in order

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, pretty!

I made that progress on Saturday and immediately put it down again, in favor of the Matinee Jacket. Here's a shot of the back, which I completed yesterday.

And here's an extreme close-up of the fabric, which I think is beautiful (and a VERY simple knit!)

I started the first of the two fronts this morning, but the progress isn't worth sharing. It's a quick knit and really fun, and the beautiful pattern that develops is very motivational.

In other knitting news, part of my morning was spent starting Ginger, the linen shell I mentioned in my last post. I had to first rip out what I did yesterday due to a technicality--I can't count (or maybe I cannot read--either way, I didn't have enough stitches on the needles when it was time to start the lace pattern. So off the needles it went, back to ground zero. I cast on and did the rolly stockinette edge and the first four rounds of the pattern this morning, before casting on for the front of the Matinee Jacket...check out the linen shell so far

Note to more knitting with a yarn the same shade of piggy pink that I am. It doesn't photograph so easily...LOL

As promised, here's the lovely Carol, modeling Yelena

Details, details, details
  • Pattern: "Yelena", from the book "Femme Fatale", releasted by Colinette/Unique Kolours in Spring '06

  • Yarn: Colinette Giotto, a cotton/viscose tape in colourway Ischia (#133, a relatively new shade); six skeins

  • Size: 40" bust (third size in, of six)

  • Reflections: A very easy knit, as the fabric is 1 x 1 ribbing, with minimal shaping. There's simple decreasing instructions for the armholes and for the neck. The sleeves are "straight shots", or 17" of even knitting (no increases or decreases) until you start the sleeve cap, which is minimal shaping. Assembly was easy, according to Matt, and it was easy to add the collar after he completed the shoulder seams

    She now serves as a shop model here at ThreadBear, so if you're in the Lansing area and have a hankering to try her on, she's currently near the entrance and the front counter. She's been a popular girl, and I know of at least two people that are doing their own version, both in colourways different than this one

    Time for a word from our sponsors

    New goodies in the shop late this week include something wild and fun from Schoeller+Stahl called "Big Ball" (which we promptly renamed "Big Ass Ball" when the rep showed it to us a couple weeks ago, and the name is sticking around these parts)

    Diana swears that a single ball makes a baby blanket in about two days, using US 17 needles, as there's 200g and 200 yards of yarn. She said she used a feather and fan pattern, but didn't leave specifics, so I'm going to be testing this out shortly. At $27.95, that's not a bad cost and completion speed for a baby blanket, especially if you are put on a deadline by a spouse who "forgot" about an impending shower or are invited to something at the last minute. There are less baby colors available and two balls will make an adult medium sweater following a pattern that we ordered to arrive with the next shipment. This single bag of this single colourway is all we have right now, with more coming later (this is a sort of "scout" bag, for testing purposes).

    Also in that shipment, something really luscious called Unikat from Zitron. Check it out

    That's colourway #7, which is very autumnal and yummy. This yarn is self-striping when you knit with it (can't really tell from the hanks), but it's made of merino wool that comes in at 19 microns (really, REALLY soft) and is hand-painted. The structure is unusual and looks slightly felted, almost like the now-gone Waterspun by Classic Elite. I'm not sure what it's going to become, but I have 15 hanks, each about 175 yards and coming in at $26.95 a hank (pricey, but remember---ultra soft, fine gauge merino that's hand painted doesn't come cheap). Yes, it knits at around 3 sts/inch...bulky weight. The only direct pattern support we have is a two-skein poncho that's quite cute, but I think I'm going to make something with another pattern. I've even thought about a very lush Einstein coat a la Sally Melville

    New books include these three titles

    "One Skein" looks really cute and useful and good (it's by Leigh Radford, so it has good genes). "Funky Knits" will appeal to a broad range of folks, but I'm most intrigued by "Knitting Out Of Africa", the long-awaited English translation from Marianne Isager that was out in Dutch originally.

    Also new, the March 2006 AbFab kits from Colinette/Unique Kolours. This one is lovely

    It's a combination of all blues and creams and will be stunning knitted up. The February 2006 montly AbFab was teals and taupes and a shot of raspberry and quite lovely (we have some on hand, of course). This is a new idea for them, and they will be creating a new and unique colourway for AbFabs each month from here forward. And you KNOW I'll always have them!

    Any interest in anything or questions should be directed to me via e-mail.

    I guess that's about all the news around here for now. I'm still trying to figure out how to post pictures of the Supersock that arrived on Monday. The quandry comes from the Potluck colors, as they vary within a category and therefore are individual and unique and hard to identify. Hmmmmmmm, off to go ponder that.

  • Monday, March 06, 2006

    Fresh Goodies!

    If you're looking for something fun to do with your needles, we just received a nice shipment of Supersock Merino and Supersock Potluck. I'll get pictures posted ASAP, but here's a list of what DID arrive:

    Potluck color families:

    Earth, Blues/Greens, Water, Brights, Blue/Purples, and Jewels

    Merino colors:

    Life's a Beach, Indian Summer, Java, Foxy Lady, Bypsy Rose, Martha's Vineyard, Northern Lights, Quarry Hill, River Run, Silver Streak, Sugar Maple, Moody Blues, Old Rose, Country Garden, and Winterberry

    If you're familiar with Cheryl's colourways, this list makes sense to you. If not, I'll do my best to post color options and a color card as soon as I can.

    Both yarns are 420 yard hanks of superwash merino, very tightly twisted (spun) and hand dyed. The only difference is in the price--Potluck skeins are $18 and Merino skeins are $22. (I believe the difference is that Merino colourways are regularly-recurring combinations and Potluck is semi-random and they come in color families like Earth--browns; Blue/Greens and Blue/Purples--self explanatory; Brights--same..and so forth).

    Need some? Call the shop toll free at 866-939-BEAR or e-mail me.