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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's About Time

Finally, here's proof I do knit on occasion......I've lusted after the prospect of making this for quite awhile now

It's the Napa Shawl, found in the Colinette pattern book called "Comforts" (yes, you know we stock it). I fell in love with the rectangle wrap (as an idea, not as a garment for me) last fall and have had yarn set aside for months now, but something else was always pushing to the forefront of my knitting "musts". Well, I got greedy the other day, after we received our shipment of Colinette Mohair. And I had to make one.......check out the colourway Matt assembled for my knitting pleasure

That's Mohair in their Primavera colourway and Prism in Moss. Oh, how it reminds me of sherbet (mmmmmmmmm, sherbet). So, of course I started it right away, last Tuesday. And I've made a little bit of progress

The truth is in the details, no?

Someone said it looks like little cabbages rising up out of the garden. I think it's heaven to knit, as the pattern is a simple repeat over a reasonable number of stitches. And when you're done, you gather and add that fab tassle on the end. I can't wait to see this one finished!

In the mean time, yarn keeps rollin' in. Here's the latest in Lorna's Laces goodies

That's Georgetown in Helen's Lace (on top) and Angel (on the bottom), with a little Black Purl Bullfrogs & Butterflies thrown in for good measure.

And lest you felters out there think we've forgotten you (and anyone else who might like worsted-weight wool), here's our four ThreadBear custom shades of Cascade 220

Custom means that we own the shades--no other yarn shop can purchase these shades from Cascade Yarns and the only place to find them is through us. The Chestnut Heather isn't that ruddy in person--it's more of a heathered cinnamon shade. The other three are lovely, too. The Sparty Green is a solid, but the rest are heathered. I can't wait to see the Viola felted up, and the Storm is rich and deep in person. And we have full dye lots of these (200+ hanks) on hand and ready to head out. Remember, Cascade 220 is $5.94 per skein from us....very reasonable, very lovely!

Up for any goodies? Drop me a line, and we'll work out details and ship ASAP. Things are going out every single day, and turn-around time on orders is typically same-day service! SERIOUSLY!

More progress shots soon, especially on the hat that I whipped up (nearly finished it in one day). Be well, and be good!