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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tough Few Days

WHEW! We made it...........the end of the week

Matt's been fighting ICK all week and not been in the shop. You know that makes us horridly shorthanded in the shop, and that makes me feel like I have to be there until the butt-crack of dawn working to get caught up (or keep caught up...whatever). So it's been a whizzer of a week!

Thursday we had a sales rep here for about four hours (Muench/GGH) and we bought a bunch of yarn.......LOTS, actually. And Rebecca magazines, etc. We're FINALLY going to have that stuff on hand, after trying to order two other times and having all sorts of weirdness get in the way. But enough of that. The day was VERY busy in the shop, and one of our fab employees commented that it felt like a Saturday, not a Thursday.

Backtrack to Sunday night....I was preparing for a presentation to our local sewing guild (on felting, imagine that!), I managed to download a trojan horse to our main PC. Aside from all of the other issues (popups, spyware, etc.) it caused other drama to the system--mainly connectivity issues. We had a service tech out on Thursday evening and he got it all cleared up. But we still had horridly slow response times in our POS (register system) and it wasn't pretty.

Said service tech came back on Friday and was here from 8 a.m. until 1:45 a.m. (yes, technically the next day). He disemboweled the entire POS computer, changed routers and network cards, added a hard drive, and worked like mad to get everything working. In the mean time, we had absolutely NO register system, no printers, no network, no internet connection--NOTHING--all day on Friday. In a weird way, it was (wonderfully) slow as far as people traffic in the shop (well, slow for us and slow for us on a Friday). Thank goodness, as we would have been VERY frustrating to deal with had we been busy. But when he left at 2 a.m. (on Saturday morning), all was working well and even better than before...but lemme tell you about the bill for services he left behind! (grin) Oh, yeah, and we had the fabulous Melissa Leapman in the shop for a book signing in advance of her weekend of we were even more crazed here!

Saturday (and today) were seamlessly busy--the systems all worked, I'm answering e-mails again, and I have a large pile of mail order going out in the morning. And folks in the shop weren't aware of any of the previous day's issues...THANK GOODNESS, again.

So, knitting. No sleep. No nuthin'.....look for more later in the week (hopefully I can post tomorrow, after teaching my sock knitting class, session #2--turning heels and picking up gussets!) and you can see what I started this morning, in the two hours I spent knitting before coming to the shop.

Be well, and make sure you do a spring dance when you get the chance!