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Monday, July 17, 2006

Finally, He Actually Is Knitting!

It's been hotter than the be-jay-sus around these parts (up near 100F yesterday and today, and high 90s for several days before that), and I think that's sapped my mojo for knitting. Most of what I accomplish tends to be either late at night, after the shop closes and we've had dinner (read: 11 p.m.) or first thing in the morning, after Connor wakes me up to go out (or I've gotten up just internal clock gets me up around 7:20 every single morning, no matter when I turned in the night before). So I've not had much time (nor inclination) to knit of late...which is terribly disturbing for me!

I do have a progress/glam shot of Sorbonne for your viewing enjoyment

I'm about two rows shy of the armhole cut-ins, which is two-thirds of the way up the back. YIPEE!!! Progress! I'm REALLY enjoying this project, as the yarn is oh-so-soft and the lace pattern is easily memorized (four-row repeat, with two being purl back across and the other two being almost identical except for shifting a little bit). I hope to finish the back tomorrow, as I'm planning on taking a full day off (well, I'll come to the shop early in the morning, before we open). Sitting in the A/C and knitting sounds PERFECT, no?

It kinda dawned on me today that tomorrow, being the third Tuesday in July, marks two years since my arrival here in Lansing. We closed the door to the moving van that afternoon and I headed north, ready to start anew here in Michigan. I know it was the third Tuesday for two reasons--tomorrow night is the "summer-only night" for our local knitting guild's knit night (the guild meets on the third Tuesday of the month and in the summer, there's a knit-in at someone's home in lieu of the monthly meeting) and this past week was the Common Ground music festival (it takes place three blocks from our home--we heard Ted Nugent at full blast until after 10 p.m. last night...I wango-t-tangoed while watching tv....shudder). This view is off of our back deck

and just over that bridge is a second bridge, a block south, and that's where the festival takes place--we're basically ground zero for that one. In addition to securing that house for us to live in, Matt spent the three weeks prior to our arrival (our being me, Tate, and Connor) readying the shop (scroll down to the July 19th entry) for us (I was charged with wrapping things up in Indiana and getting everything packed in boxes--both personal stuff and shop stuff...fortunately I had AWESOME helpers, right Low Helen?). That also means that Tate has been with us three years as of this, it seems like just yesterday that I came home from a day at work to a new face on the back deck in Bloomington.

(that's from a post I made on July 27, 2003 you can find in the archives). Wow, suddenly this entry has turned into memory lane, and I'm a little misty-eyed (in a good way) about all that's transpired in the past several years. I'm very thankful for my family of choice (LOVE YOU MATT!) and I look forward to things only getting better from here forward!

I mentioned having started another Colinette project for Unique Kolours, the US distributor. Here it is in wound form

That's a Mini Pak, a new invention from Unique Kolours, that follows on the heels of this spring's Stash Paks. Both packs are hand-selected combinations of Colinette yarns (minis are seven skeins and regulars are ten skeins) in very well-coordinated color combinations, all offered to you at a discount over purchasing open-stock yarns. We already carry Stash Paks (and I've started the super-easy throw in Toffee...ok, ok...I'll share a picture next time). My MiniPak is Citrus Lime and is knitting up quite nicely, see

and here it is, close up

And for those who are interested, StashPaks are $220 and Minis are $150, and all are currently available from ThreadBear. Interested in one? Slip me a note and we'll start the process...

With that, I'm outta here for now. Be well, knit like mad, check out Matt's latest post about the shop and the reorganization of the physical space, and thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

For Lindy, in AZ

I have a mailing address for you, but no phone or e-mail. So here goes specs on MY version of the knitted ruana.

Pattern: Oat Couture's Knit Ruana (GU420)

Size/Options: One size, but three gauge options (worsted at 18 sts/4 inches; bulky at 12 sts/4 inches; superbulky at 8 sts/4 inches)

My version: Blue Heron Silk/Rayon Twist in Parrot (4 hanks)

Final Verdict: stunning, drapey, and beautiful! My personal therapist may want dibs on it, as she commented HEAVILY on it when I was there on Monday (I knit while we're talking) and this was the first time she went ga-ga over something. She typically comments on what I'm working on ("pretty color" or "what's that gonna be" or some such), but she was agog over this project, and the colors suit her to a T

In other news, Sorbonne continues with good progress, and I've started yet another custom job for Unique Kolours (the US distributor for Colinette). I took pictures of the skeins yesterday before commencing the knitting and I made nice progress last night, interchanging a few rows on Sorbonne with a few rows on the new one. Pictures tomorrow, as I'll take them today and format them for the web tonight (or Matt will...we'll see how his time is taken up today, as he's been working on patterns for his book the last couple days).