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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Shamed Into Posting

Yes, it's true.......Matt posted before I did. I've been meaning to post, but we just stay so darned busy right now that I haven't MADE the time (or would that be that I haven't STOLEN the time) to post. But another side of it is that if I post yarns and things, that would spur increased traffic for mail order, and I'm still struggling along to get a little bit of mail order out (several will attest to the fact that things rarely go out same day right now.........but we're hoping to fix that by adding a couple folks to the day that will work with me EXCLUSIVELY on mail order....).

So, suffice to say that we're ECSTATIC with the move northward. We love the area, we're thrilled to be back with our friends that we knew from our last time here, we meet amazing new people every single day, and the yarns keep POURING in the front and back doors (we've taken to calling our UPS driver "Brown Santa", as he brings us such great goodies every day.....Dan's not too unhappy about that, but Matt thinks it's a little too close to a certain cartoon character). The weather is cooler, knitting is everywhere, and the dogs enjoy the sunshine that comes in the front windows in the afternoon (someone commented that they must be solar powered).

So, in the spirit of showing you famous celebrities in front of one of our shelving units packed with cotton yarns, here's the latest one from about a month ago

From left to right, that's SweaterGirl, her sidekick, Baby E (sporting a cute hat from Pick Up Sticks!), an huyacaya alpaca, and the arm of his owner, Brian. Just like Meg and Beth back in August (July?), we have more never know what or who you'll find here at ThreadBear. (as an explanation, Brian was down this way and stopped by the shop--we had five alpacas tethered to the handicapped signs out front for an afternoon so we brought one inside for a bit; the dogs were very curious.......but cautious, as they are smaller than the bigger critters).

Saturday marked a milestone here........Connor, namesake of this blog, turned eight. Of course a party was in order.........

Yes, the stellar folks at Kroger put chocolate icing on the cake (despite me saying NO......Connor has an allergic reaction to I didn't have the heart to tell them they were baking a cake for a dog), so I cut around that for the pieces for the dogs. All that remained at the end of the evening was about a 2" x 3" corner........and they ate like pigs. Connor had several well wishers come by during the day and she totally absorbed all of the attention.

Today we got a HUGE batch of new boxes of goodies......Dale of Norway yarns (all colors in Tiur, plus a couple model garments), a monster box of Needful yarns (sparklies, tweedy wools, and thick/thin blends), a monstrous batch of notions and books, and the most amazing yarns from Great Adirondack (Dazzle, a very rare fiber; Irisee Shell, Inca, and some of the INCREDIBLE Sierra). Check out the Sierra

Each hank is 600 yards of 100% alpaca that looks almost handspun, in the Antique colourway. The amazing HollyO ordered this just before we left Indiana, and I had never seen the fiber before--but oh, honey, how I'm in lust now. SHAZAM!!! I hopped on the phone and called Patti and had them start dyeing massive amounts of this for us, in a wide variety of their colors. It's not for the faint of wallet ($50 retail per hank)---but folks, it's 100% alpaca and a worsted/light worsted gauge, 600 yards, and hand-dyed by a master dyer....and worth every penny! Check it out close up

WOW......and see, Holly--your yarn is BEEEEE---YOUUUUU---TEEEEE---FUL. Check out the hank after we rewound it, to distribute the color and more closely approximate how it will knit up




And with that, I leave you for well!