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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Completely and Totally Inundated

It's Tuesday.......and we're already buried. Seriously. Monday brought us 18 boxes of new yarns (including 8 HUGE bags of Bartlett Yarns in burlap sacks just PACKED with aran-weight yarns in a host of lovely colors........FINALLY we have great yarn for Rogue) and today was another 12 boxes brimming with color and texture and more. Bartlett Yarns are really cool--they're created using a spinning mule, which makes a woolen-spun yarn. This gives the yarn great loft and excellent stitch definition, especially for Aran and textured designs.

Basically, what arrived thus far this week would be

  • Lots of Filati FF--great scarf and summer shell yarns, with my favorite being their Joliett

  • Lots of Garnstudio's Silke Tweed--this is amazing stuff, and it comes in over two dozen colors (and at the DK weight, it's NUMMY)

  • Ooodles and oodles and oodles of OnLine, Schachenmayr, and Jo Sharp

  • Araucania Nature Cotton--no link, so lookie here

    That's four hanks of the lovely stuff........and here's a bad close-up so you can see the great texture and fun going on in the plies

    I adore that stuff...........and it's 13 stitches/10cm (4 inches), 150m per hank, and just $7.50 retail ($6.75 TB price) for hand-dyed cotton. Lotsa colors, too!

  • Patterns from SWAK arrived too, for some of their fun intarsia projects, multigauge scarves, multigauge hats, and tons of great intarsia books (we're about to start teaching intarsia classes).

  • An ungodly amount from Lana Grossa (all of the new summer yarns...I'm addicted to SILK, a linen/silk blend)

  • Noro Sumile Multi--their chunky multi-colored chenille in cotton/silk

    And much more, actually.............we're just buried. But in a good way. And guess what....a yarn rep just showed up about ten minutes ago and I've got to run---we're buying Addi Turbo needles, great sock yarns from Trekking and Fortissima, and more.

  • Sunday, March 07, 2004

    A Wild Hair on a Wild Day

    OK--yesterday was fabu-lo-riffic from start to finish. First, Low Helen brought over a big bag of bagels and a couple tubs'o cream cheese (THANK YOU HELEN) and we worked, with the help of the amazing and efficient and wonderful Michelle, on getting this place in somewhat of an order for the day. Not only was there a class scheduled (the last part of clog-making, with Yvonne, Marilyn, and Linda--GREAT JOB, LADIES), there was mass confusion with the foot traffic. IT WAS BUSY!

    We put Low Helen on Manos duty (she loves that stuff). We had four HUGE boxes to unbundle, wind into hanks (Deb, are you can always come practice on Manos days), and stock (BLESS YOU!). We also had OOODLES of Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (mmmmmmm) to put into numeric order, which Michelle did in a jiffy (BLESS YOU!). And then the bedlam broke out.

    The shop opened, I had a phone conversation with Taiu at Koigu (more on that later), and fun was everywhere. But there was a little spark in the air.....we were expecting a visit from........ Bonne Marie, Theresa, Julie, and Judy (a non-blogger, but a great knitter and the knitter who "created" Theresa). They took off around midnight to hugs, laughs, and burps from a big meal at the local pseudo-Mongolian barbecue place (which is too much fun). THANKS for coming down and THANKS for your awesome friendship!

    P.S. on the wild hair theme--Julie's husband Pete is raising money for the National Childhood Cancer Foundation by shaving his head later this month. Stop by his sponsorship page and pledge a little bit for this incredible cause by a great guy! If you love her Black Sheep Bags patterns, why not pledge the cost of a skein of yarn or two towards Pete's goal of $500 (better yet, let's blow the roof off of that goal).

    That's the wild for the wild hair........

    A phone conversation sparked an idea that I KNOW has merit. Lemme float this one out for your perusal. First's all TOTALLY PRELIMINARY and TOTALLY speculative and TOTALLY UNPLANNED, but I'm curious about the interest in the following:

    A Bus Tour of Ontario Fibers

  • A chartered bus would leave from Indianapolis/points nearby

  • Bus would head north towards Canada, crossing at the bridge at Sarnia (rumour has it there's a great place to lunch and a good yarn shop nearby, according to some Michiganders we know)

  • Trip would continue into Ontario and include several stops (in no particular order) and day-long visits at

    Philosopher's Wool Company in Inverhuron

    Koigu Wool Designs in Williamsford

    Bright Lights, Big City--a day or two or three in Toronto, possibly some sort of tie-in with a Downtown Knitting Collective meeting, or if we rearrange the time of the trip, possibly incorporate the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival (April 22-24th next year, 2005) in Mississauga.

  • As you can see, we're looking at 5+ days of travel, via chartered coach, with hotel expenses, meals, and fiber frenzy costs. It won't be a cheap trip, but we'd work to minimize expenses to the best of our abilities. I have NO clue how to get this organized (I have bits and pieces of vague information right now) but I think it's time to move forward with the planning, no? If you're interested in more details and are serious about joining the mayhem, slip me an e-mail to trips AT threadbearfiberarts DOT com (I'm doing that so as not to get a new deluge of e-mails about mortgages, extensions of the non-hair type, sunglasses, v*i*a*g*r*a, and the lot). I'm sure we'll have to put a cap on numbers and if it looks like a "go", I can start to get things moving (yeah! one more thing to do!--but I do know someone locally that loves to plan events and has offered to plan a local ThreadBear knitting retreat here in Columbus).

    How's THAT for a Sunday Surprise?!?!?!