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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Long-Awaited Progress Pics

It's been all data entry and counting and shelf stocking in these parts, interrupted only for the occasional take-out meal (we're getting to know who delivers, who doesn't and we have to go get it, and what places have decent sit-down service at 10 p.m. REALLY well of late) or for the wonderful sweet treats being brought to us by the fantastic folks who have been sharing their time and talents with us to get set up. We're already busy building a community fiber space, where opinions are WARMLY received (and heard and gasp! actually acted upon), where fresh ideas spark creativity in us, and where everyone is welcome to "set a spell".

I just gotta say it loud and proud

THANK YOU LANSING AREA for the wonderful welcome!

And to the great folks in Columbus--we do miss you, too!

So, let's step back in time a little's how the morning started, just two short weeks ago

I caught the pups relaxing in the back bedroom the morning of the move. And the scenes out front were very much like this

and this

Then the moving crew showed up and bedlam ensued--we had to pack EVERYTHING into boxes instead of moving shelving units in columns of two. Fortunately, I was able to call in the troops (so much thanks to EVERYONE who helped...I went a bit "brain dead" that morning from the stress, I do believe)......and now, we're setting up the space. It used to look a little like this

and then looked like this

As of Friday night, it started to look a little bit better....

Perspective for this shot--far corner in the front of the shop, looking back towards the right. Note the sea of boxes along the wall. Generalissimo Handknitter took over yesterday afternoon (I appointed her general for the day, while Matt was off running other important errands and I continued data entry up front) and made almost every box go away--either it was opened and counted or it was moved to where it will eventually be shelved. A closer examination of that space, just behind the new model garment for the 2005 Winter Games (the "official" Dale sweater) called "Oberstdorf", looked like this

No, it's not some optical illusion--that part of the shop goes on for miles and miles towards the back (and once we get open, we'll be building a fireplace in the back of the shop, and we will have either a flueless fire or an electric "simulated" fire going once the weather cools down----fab, no?). Surround that with comfy seating and other goodies and it's one of about six different nooks and crannies to relax and knit in.

From the left side of the shop, Matt shot this photo, looking back from that side.
Waaaaaaaaay back in the corner, work was going on and still continues (the Manos del Uruguay and Koigu yarns are back that way, and there's a substantive amount and various types, in both lines).

Work continues.......but not for the pupsters

Connor found a warm spot to sleep over the weekend. Never mind that it's a quilt that Matt made when we lived here before (about three years ago, plus a couple months--it was finished that spring). She was rousted quickly, and sent over to her new resting spot

They no longer are allowed on the furniture at the shop (both the older, striped sofa/flower chair and the new stuff we bought this week that's being delivered later in the week), so we purchased fleece-covered dog beds for them and they loved them right away! We need to get a couple more of the bigger ones (Tate loves the large one, even if he fits on the smaller one better) to scatter about the shop, so they can lay wherever they choose. And they don't seem to pay any attention to the sofas/chairs any more (at the shop--at home they still lounge all over the furniture....they are NOT dumb, by any stretch).

Whooops......looks like I disturbed her highness in slumber mode.

Better sign off for now........more photos to follow, especially since we had such a productive day yesterday.