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Friday, October 10, 2003

Who Stole My Week???

Sorry about the lack of posting, but it's been a very strange week. Somewhat in a good way, but strange. More details shortly on some parts, but I've spent two evenings at knit nights, two days away from The Mother Ship, and only a couple evenings with access to a computer. Today's catch-up day, so after I get things back in order, I'll try to post something fun.

There's been a request or seven for a "money shot" of some of the beautiful models we've received, especially of those using the new Inca Alpaca that came in from Classic Elite. You're being warned right now---I'll post pictures, but you'll need to remember that one touch of this yarn will cause you to succumb to temptation. It's soooooooooooooooooo soft and the colors are amazing (solids, heathers, and more).

I've not been knitting much this week, but I did finish a scarf using some of the new Classic Elite IBIS that arrived earlier this week, as well. Ibis is this plied combination of a shiny/slubby yarn and something more soft than any other yarn I've ever touched (it's man-made, so it can be that way). It's a cute scarf and there's jokes around here of making "delicates" out of this stuff and calling it our "Tickle Your Fancy" line of finished goods (if you're a big fan of Designing Women and saw the reunion show on Lifetime this summer, you have a clue as to what I'm alluding to).

On another front, Monday is our monthly sock knitting night in Bloomington, and the group mentioned wanting to do the "Strong Heel Sock" from the most recent issue of Knitter's magazine (named for the designer, not it's durability). I started this sock a month ago (see the entry on Tuesday, September 9) and haven't touched it since---until yesterday. I've knitted my entire seven inches of leg, I've done all of my increases for the heel and gusset, and I'm ready to start turning the heel as directed. I can now understand why this would be a great unvention for use with self-striping and patterning/jacquard yarns. More shortly, including pics. But since I have to lead the group on this technique on Monday, I figured I had better do it myself. I kinda like it, and I see design possibilities iwth the overall technique of the heel, with the way they segmented the sock fabric into sections, and more. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

More yarn by the boatload is expected in today (we got an advanced warning because the invoices showed up yesterday---gotta love that). Now that the shock and horror if how much we owe is over, we can enjoy the incoming yarn in a few hours. You know there will be pictures..........of lots of stuff.

Stalled out on the "Tote of Many Colors", due to the overall level of busy we've had this week. I last knitted on it in Franklin on Monday evening, and I want to get back to it POST HASTE, as it's a fun project. We had sold out of the first batch of patterns, but Amy sent some by express courier and we now have three dozen more, as of yesterday. Be sure to get yours, as we're shipping again today. Film at 11............

Over and out for now. I'll probably post again later today, after getting caught up this morning on other stuff. Take good care and come back in a few hours. For now, much love, thanks for reading, and GO KNIT SOMETHING!

Monday, October 06, 2003

Monday, Monday.......(cue the Mamas and the Papas)

...........I can trust it (a lyrical reference, if you don't know). It's a good Monday here, after another wild weekend of fiber-fun. Saturday's art fair in Franklin experience. Matt staffed the booth alone (I went up for setup help and zipped back down to Columbus to make sure the shop ran smoothly) so he came home with a bit of a windburn and a pink face and ears. He met a lot of good people, sold a few scarves (not many), and spun some yarn on his wheel in a demonstration area. And he got to spend the day beside Miss April, a good friend and a fun person. But I had fun down here, so I'm not complaining (too loudly)--Tanya and her hubby Chris were by for the day after visiting Matt (proof positive on her blog, including action shots of Chris and I with new models from Stef of Glampyre fame--sorry Stef... and some of the most adorable dog pix in awhile), as was Low Helen and Cuzzin Amy. And Sunday--whew! What a day. We had a home invasion by the Powell clan (THANKS for the treats, ladies...mmmmmmmmm), we had others show up to stitch-and-kvetch (Hi JUDY, BARB H, and JAN), as well as a host of others. And Matt got to escape to Bloomington for the second Sunday in a row to go spinning and visiting with friends over there. Ah, a satisfying weekend for all!

That meant, however, that last night was catch-up night. We've been too busy to take care of some things around here, so we were up LATE last night preparing yarn orders to be submitted today. Granted, it's fun work (to a point), but one of the BIG orders was for Cascade Yarns, and our stock of Cascade 220 had taken of hit of late (people are REALLY getting into felting again around here, especially since we start all of our beginning knitters on either felted bags or a felted hat). So, we're ordering over 60 bags of it, along with many other goodies from them and from six different vendors shortly. Gotta make sure that "Brown" has something to bring me, right?

No, on to the new project (you don't think I'd go a full weekend without starting something new, did you?). We received something on Saturday, at long last, and I had to start one. It's fun (colorful), it's felted (YES!) and it's fabulous (and so's the designer). So, away we go...............

This is Amy

We love us some Amy. She's a fantastic person, a former Illinoisian (as am I), a great knitter, a fun blogger, and a fun designer. What? You need proof? Here you go.........



And we carry her patterns as the sole source in the U S of A. We love us some Amy, as her retail patterns are cool. What? You need proof?

That's the Dredlock Bag, and I've made one myself (somewhere in my archives I did chronicle the process). Many of you out there have made them and they're a very striking design. As is this

That's the Fabulous Flappy Bag (three sizes in one pattern!), and I made one of these, too (again, archives, baby). We even had a vote here on colorways and I used Cascade 220 and Brown Sheep Original Handpaints for a great finished bag. Our good friend Anne used Cascade 220 and a strand of King Cole Luxury Mohair (both from us) and has an INCREDIBLE finished bag (we took a picture awhile back but the floppy vanished into the bedlam that was here when we first moved in--Anne, I know you're reading.........bring back Flappy for it's 15 minutes of fame! AND COME SEE US! WE MISS YOU).

So, you might ask--what's the lovely and talented Amy Swenson been up to of late? Why this

That's her "Tote of Many Colors" (which has inspired me to mock Dolly Parton and caterwaul "My tote of many colors, my Maw-maw knit for meeeeeeeee" a good bit this weekend). Personally, I think it's a fun pattern and I've been looking forward to having them around, and now we do. Same as before, they are $6 full retail, so $5.40 from us. We've sold several over the weekend, but some still remain. And of course, I had to start one of my own, as I'm a felting freak (or the "King of Felting" as Kathy Wortel dubbed me). And here's the colorway that our resident "King of Color" assembled for me

It's a wonderful, rich, heathery melange of Cascade 220 (duh!) that will be a beautiful felted object shortly. Fun part is I get to practice my two-handed fair isle technique on this so I can make good progress and more consistent fabric when I return to my Philosopher's Wool sweater. As busy as it was yesterday, I didn't get much knitting accomplished during the day. And I didn't get much done last night, either, as we had things to do (see above). But here it it, as it stands right now. I've almost finished half of the first color repeat and I'm really liking it (I'll be like Wendy and show the back side as I progress).

Very pleased. Very very pleased. I wanna go knit on it more, but we have to get things ready to open for the day, so I've got to run for now and get ready. Matt's lighting candles (we have them burning all over the place all day long) and Connor is snoring on the sofa in this room (big surprise). Manic Monday it ain't......and that's a good thing. Have a great week and do be good to yourselves. We'll be at the Franklin Knit Night tonight (Community Arts & Recreation Center across from the Masonic Home on State Street, 6:30 to 9 p.m.) and at the Columbus Knit Night tomorrow (East Side Community Center, on McClure, from 6 until 9:30 p.m. or so). Around here? There's always a pot of coffee on or some hot/iced tea ready for you, should you stop by. See you soon!