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Monday, August 15, 2005

Anyone Up For A Quickie?

I failed to bring in one of my projects to be photographed for this blog, so today I'll share a few other things, in and around a post.

First off, if you're on the hunt for the yarn to make this project

we have the goods

See...all of the Lorna's Laces a neat pile. We have two of those "kits" available at this writing (4:14 p.m. EDT on Monday), so hurry up and be in contact if you need one of your very own.

If you're a long-time reader of the blog (or even some of the more recent folks), you know I'm far from faithful to my projects. I'm always seduced by the lure of something new, something fun, something...different. So here's today's confession....

I've gone a bit ape over the Koigu Wildflowers pattern for Rumba (Rumba is their hand-dyed brushed mohair). Don't let the picture fool you--it is sized for both children and adults. See

This is the medium size for adults, which should finish to a 48" bust. It calls for 7 hanks (Small--6, Medium--7, and Large--8). The children's versions are 3/4/4, if memory serves. I'm using R802, and it's not my typical (preferred) palette for color (I'm not the biggest fan of orange/rust), but I think the knitted fabric is just BEAUTIFUL.

The color is more accurate in the previous shot than in this one (this one is more "on fire" compared to the actual fabric). The design is pretty much a boxy cardigan with little/no shaping, so it's knitting up quickly. I started it on Friday and this is progress as of Sunday afternoon (48 hours, basically), including working all weekend and extra hours because of the anniversary sale we threw.

The pattern is knitted in one piece and splits at the arms, so that's why you see it folded up in the first picture. I hope to have it finished by the weekend, but that depends on how much "free time" I have this week, between being busy at the shop and taking care of a few personal issues that have popped up recently.

That's about it for now--be well and be knitting....and if I can help with any good things to knit, just let me know.