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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back to the Knitting, Please.......


So, after all of the hoopla of the past couple weeks, it's time to stick to my knitting. I've been very non-monogamous again, so that means I've been starting more projects and working on a variety of other things in progress. Check it out

That's a triangle-shaped shawl made with a yarn called "New Magic" from Karabella Yarns, a new yarn family here at ThreadBear. (we also picked up several other yarns of theirs, but only the Gossamer has arrived so far). If you want to see colors of the New Magic, click here and then follow "YARNS" at the left-hand side. That will bring up an A through Z listing and click on N, which gives you New Magic (and yes, we currently have all colors on hand). It's a pretty self-striping brush yarn, and it's TONS softer than I expected (it's not scratchy at all!). Three balls and some fun, quick knitting and you have a great garment. You may have seen the full-page ad for Karabella and New Magic in the latest issue of KNITTER'S--this is the same yarn!

Like clockwork, another shipment from Lorna's Laces appeared this week. Packed with goodies, for you and for me, there were many very tempting things inside (some went out immediately, right Cynthia?). Here's the new stock in Lion and Lamb for all of you Clapper-knitters out there (I find it interesting that there's now a notation on the pattern about it using just over three skeins unless you do one less repeat in the straight section)

Pretty pretty........and these are available at the "old price" (there was a price increase as of May 1--first one in over two years for Lorna's). We don't raise the price until ours goes up, and these were ordered prior to the increase, so you still pay $26.10 ($29 retail) for them, instead of $31 retail now.

Also in the box...........sock yarn!

Two full bags of Black Purl and a bag of Icehouse and Jeans. Black Purl doesn't stay around these parts very long. And don't think that we forgot you spinner types out there in this shipment
The lovely Watercolor colourway........yum yum. Ten ounces of hand-dyed wool for $21.60 from us that's perfect for spinning all sorts of yarns. I've seen it used for socks, for hats, for scarves, and I've even seen it knitted as is into a pillow, using US 19 needles!

We met with one of our absolute favorite reps the other morning and bought way too much more Colinette (is there such a thing?). We saw the new colors for Tagliatelli, Giotto, Point 5, and other yarns, plus the proof pages for the two new books for fall. One's packed full of adorable children's garments (there's a squared-off hat that's DARLING out of Prism and many great sweaters) and the adult book focuses on Tagliatelli and Giotto and it's got several really fun and interesting designs in it. Plus we saw some of the new things for Mission Falls, which we are adding for Fall (it should arrive in August). WAHOO!

This same rep also now handles Schaefer yarns, which I've liked for several years (four or more) but didn't know where they came from or what rep handled them, so we've not ordered. I like how she names the yarns, too (after memorable women, interesting children's figures, and the like). Well, now they're easily available to us and we both ordered a bunch and picked up some of Mary's cash and carry, so we have some on hand now. Here's the goods

That's 400 yards of hand-dyed heavy-worsted (4.5 to 4 sts/inch) cotton in nummy colors. We have "sweater amounts" in all shades, as we picked up four hanks of each colourway. At $36 retail, that means our price is $32.40, which isn't bad for that much yarn in such amazing color combinations.

Helene is a yarn that's a bit of a challenge for me. I love the way the fiber (50% merino wool and 50% silk) takes the dye and how amazingly beautiful the colors are, but the price is a little dangerous, in my opinion. I can see this as a little bit of personal luxury, as it is 218 yards for $45 retail ($40.50 from us, as usual).

You can see why I adore the yarn--the color combinations are so completely gorgeous and sophisticated. And one hank is plenty to make a lovely scarf or shrug or other small project, just for you. Mmmmmmmm....pretty!

Another pretty one is Elaine, a thick and thin wool with a fine nylon wrap for incredible texture.

The colors are intense in the more kid-friendly combos and quite lovely in the others. We only have single skeins in these until our order shows up in a few weeks, so they're more aptly suited to accessories and kid's things. Over 300 yards of pretty will run ya $32.40 from us.

Interested in ordering anything or need more information? Slip me an e-mail and we'll get the ball rolling! It's 90F here today (a new record for Lansing) and I'm going to sign off, go sit on a sofa here at the shop, and cuddle with Connor. Tain't nuthin' better than the love of a dog! Oh, and I may go knit a little, too.