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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Columbus is Fun!

We're having a great time at market, but after only a day of stomping around the trade show floor, my feet are DOG tired. Everything is so beautiful and there's tons of smaller or independent yarn companies and co-ops here displaying their wares, and we're talking to a couple of them tomorrow (Sunday). We found an indie dyer from the DC area who makes incredibly beautiful yarns (deep color saturation) and I'm definitely ordering sock yarn from her (awesome prices, too! 4 oz/430 yard skeins for $21 retail). We've talked with several other smaller firms and picked up a few new lines so far, and we're talking with some other more established, larger lines on Sunday (we'll look at Alchemy again, after a three-year hiatus; we're talking with Plymouth to pick up Encore for our basic easy care; and we have a private meeting with the folks from Habu Textiles at 9 a.m. this morning.

Gotta run--we're meeting Lucy Neatby for sushi in just a few mintues, so I gotta log off!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Market, To Market

We're headed off in the morning to beautiful Columbus, Ohio, for the fall/winter TNNA trade show, where tons of vendors display their wares and take orders from a wide variety of needlework retail shops (knitting, stitchery, crocheting, spinning, and more). The "big trade show" is twice a year--January and June--and we always have a great time and come home even more tired than we left. But we have fun and get to see all sorts of phenomenal vendors, other friends who are shop owners, yarn company reps, and more. Plus, it's in a city both Matt and I enjoy visiting (such that it is, as we only sneak out of the hotel after 7 or 8 at night and that's typically for dinner and back "home" to crash).

In preparation for the trip, I've been finishing up a few projects. Remember this sock in progress

It's complete (obviously!) and hanging at the shop near the yarn it was made with, which is Ornaghi Filati Luna Park in shade 201. Oddly, I received the ball as a sample at last summer's trade show, so it's high time I completed it!

Now, for some bragging on someone else. Lovely Emily finished her Colinette Ab Fab throw yesterday

and it's just stunning. It was to be a gift for a relative, but she claims it looks so good over her sofa at home......(we all know where this is headed). GOOD FOR YOU, EM! Be a GREEDY knitter and do something for yourself!

The pups know something's up...we've been meeting with the good folks who will care for them while we're gone. Tate was looking sad

and Connor couldn't be bothered

in her typical fashion. Truth be told, she was woofing to take a walk out back around the time I snapped these pictures (that would explain why she was off of her throne, aka the ottoman at the shop).

See you in a few days....unless I can blog from Columbus, which is a big maybe.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fait Accompli

Emerald, she is done

and I couldn't be more thrilled with the finished project. The big-ass collar was a fun knit and an excellent finishing touch to the garment. It really completes the overall aesthetic, and it took a good bit of yarn (more than I expected....I'm talking about JUST the collar, mind you). Here's the specs:

  • Emerald, --a pattern from by Amy Swenson

  • Yarn--Malabrigo Chunky (100% merino), in a shade called Vaa (we carry it at the shop in tons of colors for $10.50 a skein). My biggest thrill is that the pattern overestimated yardage for this size (L--a 47" finished bust)--it recommended around 1,170 yards and I used just under 900, or about 9 skeins (I have around half a skein left over). That's a women's large jacket for under $100 in a hand-dyed merino!!

  • Gauge--12 sts/4" on a US 10

  • Time on the needles--six days for the body, one more for the collar

  • Button--one big rosewood number that we carry at the shop, from T&C Imports

    Also completed in the past few days....the red v-neck cardigan in 127 Print. It's off to the finishing fairies, who have already seamed the shoulders and were waiting for me to finish the sleeves (which I did on Sunday).

    So, that means I finished two projects and can now officially start four things...(two for each completed item, right?). I wonder what they'll many options! I'm sure I'll share with you here, we're leaving for the semi-annual trade show on Friday, and I'll need to have knitting with me!