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Thursday, August 21, 2003

We Are Online!

Through the miracles of modern technology (and Matt's technical prowess) we are officially "back to normal" (well, connected to the web) at home. We're getting caught up on an e-mail backlog, we're catching up on filling orders, and we're (someday) going to read blogs that we've missed for the past week. It feels good to be "normal" again.

I have some pictures from last night's marathon shelf-stocking event, featuring Low Helen, her neice Amy (who's becoming a wonderful fixture around here---she adores animals and Connor and Tate adore her; we're pretty fond of her too, and she's recently learned to knit and does GREAT work--I've shown a couple of her projects here), and Amy's grandmothers (one of them being Helen's mom, Mary). Both grams are knitters, and good ones at that, but they sat back and watched (nee supervised) and kibbutzed (see Debala for details). So much so that Matt and I turned to eachother and said ..."Statler and female form". Then busted up laughing, as we both hit it on the head. Anyway, here's Low Helen, hard at work

See, she's got an entire wall of shelves to fill. And plenty of yarn to fill it with, trust me. So she makes some progress, we drink some Diet Coke, Amy goes for Arby's for dinner (mmmm, mmm...onion chips and 2 for $3 beef-n-cheddars.......dinner of champions, no?), and we get busy. Boy, does Helen get busy

In case you were wondering about the wall color, it's called Gypsy Rose and is part of the Laura Ashley collection at Lowe's. Here's a close-up of it, and yes, it is as beautiful as it appears on the walls.

Enjoy, and I'll be back soon! WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAACK!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Continual Progress

I've snuck away again, this time over to Low Helen's workplace, to use the computer there and get caught up on some stuff. Bear with us until we're on our own high-speed line sometime tomorrow, when pictures and stuff will return here.

It's odd, but very "normal" for me--when I get to bed at a regular time, I get in a very solid routine and get up every morning at the same time (seriously). Well, I've been turning in around 11 p.m. of late, and I've been getting up at 6:13 a.m. (again--seriously, 6:13 every morning). It's great, as I can get up, walk the dogs in the back yarn, putz in the kitchen and get Matt's coffee set up to brew, do a little laundry, and knit for a few minutes before getting the day off and running.

This morning I "went to work" at 8 a.m. and painted the ceiling in this room

The false ceiling was removed (you can see the framing in the above picture, but it's all been torn out and disposed of) so we're back to the original 11-foot ceilings in all but two rooms in the building. I primed the ceiling last night, before the Franklin Knit Night (HI to Eva, Kristie, Renee, Pam) and we're going to paint the walls this afternoon, before the Columbus Knit Night. WHEW! Then it's on to the next room, which we call "the textured room", because the walls are raw plaster with a little sizing on them (it's never been painted but it's been papered repeatedly and stripped down to raw plaster again). It is behind the room we're painting later today (in a gorgeous dusky rose geranium shade---like we'd use neutrals and almond and off white? NOT). Progress, slow but sure!

Off to go run some errands for now, but we'll be back ASAP. Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 18, 2003

We Are Alive!

Matt and I have only tried to kill eachother three times since Thursday and the beginning of the move. We're well, the dogs are LOVING their new space, and we're painting, patching, staining floors, and unpacking like MAD. We will be unpacking yarn on Tuesday (August 19th) and have the shelves up again on Wednesday (in partial--but FULL access to all yarn/patterns/goodies).

New yarn news---Classic Elite shipped today (nearly $3,500 of it), Crystal Palace arrives on Wednesday (nearly $3,500 of it), and there's Brown Sheep, Jamieson (some arrived today), KFI, and more already headed our way. We are expecting TONS in over the next 4-6 weeks......we had BETTER get everything up and running soon, or we'll be buried in goods!

Pictures again on Wednesday, as we're on a dial-up connection in the mean time (and the computer, with PhotoShop, is buried under a mountain of stuff). Back soon---thanks for all of the comments and notes and warm thoughts!

Rob, Matt, Connor, and Tate