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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Your Regular Broadcasts Should Resume Shortly

Thanks for the notes and tags wondering if we're still among the living. After weeks of regular posts, I must confess to being overwhelmed with prep for the weekend art fair, with getting things up and running for a couple project (you NAME DELETED AT THE REQUEST OF THE INSANE folks--look for a note from me today or tomorrow---I SWEAR), and with a huge-normous amount of new inventory (we received 150+ skeins of Noro yarns on Monday/Tuesday, 100 skeins of Cascade 220 and another 160+ of Fixation yesterday, and we get another monster box from Lorna's on Friday, as well as a BIG batch of Sweetgrass Wool hanks on Friday--we already stock their INCREDIBLE combed rovings).

Basically, please accept my apology for slow responses, vague comments on your tagboards, and general ditziness. Normalcy (what is that, anyway?) should resume after the weekend. I mean, I just realized today (THURSDAY) that I haven't mailed my Mother's Day cards to Mom yet. I'm soooooooo in trouble (and she wanted another felted purse for her gift, and we're putting them all out for adoption at the fair this weekend--sorry Mom........another will be yours right AFTER the fair).

We'll be back shortly............please stay tuned!