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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some Great Press

A great article ran in a local arts/scene paper this week, reviewing the opening of our wonderful "Customer Trunk Show" this past Sunday. Minus a couple fuzzy details (things are crocheted and knitting, not woven), it's a great piece about our favorite pastime. HOORAY for the fiber arts!

Me? I've been knitting like a madman, finishing things now and then and starting something new almost daily. I'm in major production mode for all sorts of models for the shop, between things to illustrate how new yarns knit up as well as garments for our upcoming functions. I'm knocking off about 1.5 garments (full-sized adult sweaters, mind you) a week, so I've been more than busy! Pictures to follow!

I trust you're well out there and knitting like mad. The fall season encroaches, as indicated by the awesome yarns and patterns arriving almost daily in these parts. I'm overwhelmed with the great stuff we're receiving for my favorite season of the year--FALL!