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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Big, Bad Bag Sale

Here we go again, gang.............hold onto your undies, it's another sale on yarn by the bag (yes, that means lots of ten).

We're a little overstocked on Berroco's Suede in every single color available (color card here), so I've put it on sale this weekend and into the week (sale ends Thursday the 26th), as supplies hold out (no rain checks, sorry--when we're out, we're out). The yarn is $9.50 retail, but our current price is just $65 in lots of ten (you can take an entire bag of one color or you can mix/match in groups of ten for $65). Additional balls are just $8.55, our regular price. What that means is--if you need 12 balls to do a specific project (this cardi, perchance), your first 10 are $65 and the other two balls would be $8.55 each.

By the way, $65 a bag is 32% off the suggested retail price.

Need some inspiration? Here's a host of free patterns, and here's a link to previews of their patterns that appear in their books, most/all of which we do carry.

Interested in some fun yarn at a great price? Slip me an e-mail and we'll get the ball rolling!

Yes, I'm still working like mad on about a dozen different projects. Knitting time has been at a premium this week, as we've had three different reps roll through and it's been an odd week, as Connor (the blog's namesake) has been under the weather a little bit and needing some additional love and affection and attention (and walks outside, but that's all I'm gonna say about that). Updates soon, I promise--including a peek at a completely new garment I hadn't even started last Friday. WOW! Start-itis is rampant.