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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Calling All Sock Knitters!!!

It's here!

Yup, Cat Bordhi's new book is in stock (over 100 copies are here, folks)....but they'll fly out fast. They're $28.95 each and we can get them in the morning mail, if you call soon enough tonight (866-939-BEAR toll free!).

Better yet, the book calls for specific "letter" stitch markers (some A and B, some A through G) and we'll have some for sale over the weekend and beyond. Trust me, these will revolutionize your knitting world and there's NO PLACE around to find them (to my knowledge).....supposedly some are in development through a major knitting vendor, but they're not in stock yet for several weeks.

Best yet--a phone conversation with Cat herself this afternoon (OH MY GOD! I SPOKE WITH CAT BORDHI and I told her a couple rather "off colour" jokes...and she laughed!!) and she's going to come here next year (the fourth weekend in October, the 24th-26th) to conduct workshops at the shop. THAT'S SO COOL!

If you need a book, call soon (I'm at the shop until after 10 or 11 EDT tonight, working on our newsletter). From what Cat says, the first printing is GONE and the second printing won't be available until after Hallowe'en (her words!). If you're reading this and we're closed/gone home or it's crazy hour, e-mail us with your phone number and we'll get shipping details from you on Thursday. It should be just $2.47 to ship it via Media Mail (book rate), so it's reasonable as can be!