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Friday, April 21, 2006

Back From The Dead

I promise, I'm going to be blogging regularly again, starting either this weekend or next week. It's been a wild and wooly (pun intended) late winter/early spring around here, so I had a few things to attend to that kept me from blogging. I apologize to my loyal readers, who've stayed with and/or checked in from time to time while I went on hiatus. I can't see myself being one of those folks who totally abandons my blog (permanently, any way...), so thanks for checking in and keeping up, even if the posts have been sporadic over the past couple months.

In shop news, we received the newest designs from an amazing bag designer, Noni Bags. There's six things in her Spring/Summer '06 collection

Five new bags:

  • Majolica Vases Full of Flowers

  • Three Felted Evening Bags

  • In the Sculpture Garden

  • Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere, and

  • Night Garden Bag

    and one new flower/embellishment design:

  • Jasmine & Mandaville Vines

    Each bag pattern is $8 each and the flowers one is $5.50. We're shipping right now, and I ordered five dozen each, so we're well stocked. Call the shop (toll-free at 866-939-BEAR) or e-mail us and we'll help you out right away. And remember, we have all of her previous designs in stock as well! Matt will have them on the shop website in a couple days.

    Also new to our shelves this week is "Nicky Epstein's Felted Flowers"....another great collection for you felters (and non-felters, as there's a fantastic wrap/shawl with flowers along the bottom in Rowan Kidsilk Haze, which is the same yarn as the Madil Kid Seta that we stock, but about $3 less expensive per skein).

    Look out for an update on my latest knitting, some of which is out of the great new book "Mason Dixon Knitting" that arrived this week. I'm making an adorable baby sweater and about to start at least one other project (a log cabin baby blanket, tho I lust for the modern throw in garter stitch blocks).