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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Who Wants A Blog Post? I DO!!! I DO!!!

Yup, I've been knitting. Nope, nothing finished to show for it, tho the Wildflowers Cardigan (see last entry) has seen some major progress--the pieces are finished and Matt's done an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job of finishing it (he's amazing with detailed work, and that final 10% of the project definitely makes or breaks it, so he's done it again!--THANK YOU MATT!). I'm going to knit on the collar and button bands tonight, so you'll see the finished garment here soon.......soon (I have a personal deadline of having it TOTALLY finished by Wednesday of this week).

With that off the needles, that means I have carte blanche to start at least one other garment project (because I'm the mommy around these parts...). So, we've been plotting and planning garments that need to be knitted, and I've made a LONG list (imagine that) of what's to come. I'm torn....I want to start Melissa, but she'll take following a chart and schlepping around several balls of yarn at once (not a bad thing, just a consideration). But then I'm really drawn to Sarah (on the right), but I think I want to use a different colourway, so that will take Matt's help (he's the color WIZARD). I'm really drawn to Chloe (that's her on the right, in the crappy picture), but that's just because it looks like a flapper fur coat and it would be fun to make. Other items in the mix may be Jacqueline, as I've had a Love It Kit (in Denim, #3) pulled for MONTHS to make her. Another option is the Vintage Vest in a Vintage Kit, probably Terra Cotta. And I did wind yarn tonight to start the Spoiled Rotten Baby Blanket (double-stranded Fandango on US 17 needles....a 10-minute project!). And I've always wanted to do this, as it calls for Wigwam, which I have yet to knit with. And of course, this is always on the list of possibilities.....probably this style and that very colourway, but there's so many to choose from (and we stock them all). It's true, I'm a Colinette Whore...deluxe version, please.

Don't be fooled.....Mission Falls has caught my eye, big time. We expect our fall delivery of these yarn (the wool only, as the cotton has been discontinued) and patterns (every single pattern book) around the first of the month. In the mean time, Matt's working on a couple projects (both of 'em). Me? I'm looking at starting Kente soon in Putty (#15), but on Monday, Damson (#18) shows up for the Wistful Swing Jacket. So many choices, so little much to knit.

There's tons of others, too! I need to finish my Simply Seed Jacket (I have started a front for it--there's two, as it's a cardi), but we don't have an ETA on the Malabrigo yarn (it keeps sliding around like a car on ice). I should finish my Kimono using Jazz (a 50/50 blend of alpaca and wool in lovely tweeds). All that's left is to knit the band that goes up and around and down the front of the garment--the body and both cuffs are already done. And I should finish my Trina sweater (Trina is a Vittadini yarn that's merino/cashmere/microfiber and VERY addictive!).

What's new of late? Well, I'm thrilled to have the latest designs from Two Old Bags in the shop. Check out the seven new patterns available as of Saturday (yesterday)

As always, they have three new felted bag patterns--EZ Bag is a good one for new knitters, as you don't have to worry about making handles (just buy your own!); Peace Purse has a fun shape; Ann's Traveling Bag features a variety of strap lengths and includes instructions for including a closure, making it perfect to take with you on trips (greater security against theft!). Good stuff!!

Not into bags? Check out the fun ornaments and embellishments that you can make with odds and ends of yarn. Or you might want to use these to adorn a felted bag or other item or to make holiday ornaments or package decorations. Start now--the season is rapidly approaching!

In the non-felted category, we have Kaia's Blankets (three versions for those out there looking for interesting baby blanket patterns) and Garden Party Shawl (1500 yards of dk-weight yarn). I'm probably going to make a Garden Party using the Baby Twist we have on hand (estimated cost about $75 for a butter-soft shawl). That's on the "to knit" list already, too!

And if you're into lace this summer like so many others, here's our new stock in Helen's Lace from the good folks at Lorna's Laces

(note after posting---that skein above marked "COOL" is really Icehouse, and we have two on hand as of this post) and even more

plus Tuscany (which I used when I made this shawl, two years ago). It looks like this

They're $52 each, so if you're interested in a hank (or any of the above patterns, at $7 each), slip me a note and we'll get the ball rolling.

With that, I'm outta here...Matt's been rearranging the shop and wants to show off his handiwork and I need to get home to start something new (and finish a cardigan!).