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Friday, March 03, 2006

He's Off His Meds

....that is, if having to stay true to a project or a plan is what I need to do, then forget it. I have both a finished and a semi-finished something today, so I feel that I'm entitled to start 43 things. Anyone out there agree?

I present to you a photo of Yelena

I'll take another picture shortly on someone that it fits PERFECTLY (no offense, Abby, but Carol lets me use her head...LOL). I also think that daylight will be better for photos of this garment. Matt completed the finishing today (THANK YOU!) after having all of the seaming done on Wednesday. It's an amazing garment--the weight, the luster, the fit. Very well done! (and the pattern was easy to follow, too!)

I also finished a sock this morning

It's done with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino, which is to be delivered to the shop on Monday. Fortunately, I had a skein in stash from 4-5 years ago. I ordered the yarn on Tuesday and they shipped on Wednesday, so I cast on Wednesday morning and whipped up something that will serve dual purposes---it will serve as a shop model for the yarn and for a class I'll be teaching shortly on socks on two circs. Second, it will be a gift later this spring/summer for an unnamed recipient who may or may not be a reader, so I'll leave it at that. The colourway is "Champlain Sunset" and the pattern is the ever-popular Blueberry Waffle, but sock-weight version. Quick knit, very soft merino yarn, lovely colors. It's a winner!

I did recently finish the knitting on an AbFab throw that will serve as a shop model. Mine's the Scallop pattern in the colourway Antique. See

I don't consider it finished yet, as I have ends to run in (I don't do them along the way, as suggested in the pattern) and there's fringing yet to happen on the ends (this really REALLY finishes the throw off beautifully---and I'm not a fringe person).

Progress continues on the "Back to Basics Cardigan" that I'm making in Mountain Colors Twizzle

It has languished of late due to the sock (I use this project as car knitting in the dark, versus something I have to watch that I knit during daylight in the car). I mentioned my need to start multiple projects, as a reward for finishing something. Here's what's going on the needles next

That's the Wigwam Matinee Jacket from Colinette's pattern book "Resort Collection". I'm using Wigwam in Jay

Also going on the needles (I nearly cast on this morning for this project),

That's a Louet pattern for their worsted-weight linen yarn, Athens (tweedy-multi) or Geneva (solid). I'm using Geneva in Pink Panther, a lovely shade of pink that's perfect for spring/summer wear. This is one yarn that has a horrible "hand" in the skein but is a dream in the finished garment--you MACHINE WASH AND MACHINE DRY the finished garment and it turns into buttah....just buttah. But in the mean time, it's like knitting with butcher twine. Anyone wanna truss a roast with me?

And last, but not least....I'm itching to use one of the new shades of Rowan Summer Tweed that arrived today

That's Orient on the left (red) and Blossom on the right (pink). I've decided on Blossom for a shop model, but I'm not sure what pattern to use. Suggestions include several Knitting Pure And Simple patterns

V-Neck Tunic

Neck-down Cardi

Side-To-Side Cardi

If anyone has any GREAT suggestions, please add your ideas to my comments, as I'd love to know what "the perfect pattern" for this yarn would be, knitted at 4 sts/inch.

And, to finish up...a harbinger of projects to come...

And of course, if you have any questions or needs for any of the above products, slip me an e-mail and we'll start from there. I'm always just an e-mail away!