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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Despite What You May Be Thinking.....

We are alive............although I did try to sever my pinkie finger today

sudsy water, broken glasses, and my emphatic washing style means a huge gash just below my right pinkie (in the meaty part). The doctor said it was lucky I didn't cut a tendon or worse. It called for eight stitches (it was a long gash around my hand and then down towards the palm.). It didn't hurt when I did it, it didn't hurt after, and the stitches weren't bad at all--just an odd pulling sensation as the suture thread went through the flesh of my hand. Matt knows how to appease the wounded beast

two of my favorite easter-time treats.........Mariko would be proud!

Does it stop me from answering e-mails and packing boxes? Heck no. Will it cut into my knitting time (pun intended), well.......maybe. But aside from that side of my dominant hand being immobilized with this tight bandage, I'm doing quite well. I'll try to knit tonight--probably on something to be felted, so gauge doesn't matter.
Many have asked what i've been knitting. I'm almost ashamed to admit.......scarves. Lots. Some with new yarns we've been receiving (like these delicious Anny Blatt kits with mohair and ribbon) and some with stuff that I'm converting to finished goods to get out for sale to move some yarns that have been here a couple months and are no longer 'new'. Novelty has a shelf life and only lasts so long, folks.........

We've gotten in the new women's Filati and a great summer kids' Filati, so I owe you some review some of them. They're quite good, especially the women's one. We also have new stock on the Mango Moon Recycled Silk and this batch is a rather nummy--more colorful that in the past, and nice beefy, fat hanks. At our usual price of $18 each ($20 retail). Tons of new yarns from Skacel arrived late last week, including tons of Trekking XXL and their new stripes and jacquards.

In other knitting news I'm making a tank with one of the Skacel yarns called Zigane that you'll see here shortly--I'm nearly done with the back, in two evenings. I did make a couple single socks lately, as models for some of the sock knitting workshops we're doing in April and May (two circs, afterthought heel, and toe up). And I made a very flashy-trashy stole out of Eros Glitz and DazzleLash. It's nice, but my hands are itchin' for some wool. Soon they'll be itchin' to have my stitches out........hooray. But for now, I'm on hold with the Audrey knit along because I'm slightly durn it.

Bye for now, and don't worry.......I'm fine. Just slower at typing.