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Friday, February 20, 2004


But I mean that in a good way! Today is Friday, yet we've got two FULL beginning knitting classes (6 students each)--one at 1 p.m. and one again at 6:30 p.m. We were surprised by the positive response to the evening one, being Fridays and all, but folks wanted something to do on a Friday evening, so why not knit?? One person out there, who IS signed up for the class, had dubbed it "knitting for losers" because it's on a traditional party night. Um........not in my house any more. I'm happy to be knitting on a Friday evening! So, between now and 10 p.m. (ok, technically 9 p.m.), I'll be creating 12 new knitters! YES!

Overwhelmed--because I've pumped out about 7 plastic mail tubs (plus priority mail boxes) of outoing orders this week, so I'm nearly caught up. But I haven't managed to keep up with the incoming stock--we were inundated with new spring/summer yarns from Classic Elite on Monday, got some new FUN Plassard on Tuesday (as well as some other Classic Elite), received a good bit of other stuff during the week, and had this little gem show up on Wednesday

That's the latest creation from Janet Scanlon, the brains behind, called Mercury. We love it! The patterns are $5 retail and we have plenty on hand if you're interested. You know the drill..........

Also arriving this week would be every other color of Squiggle (it arrived two weeks earlier than expected). That means I now have every shade on the card found here. Multis retail for $8.50 (TB price is $7.65) and solids for $7.50 (TB price is $6.75).

I did get bombarded by Koigu, but the boxes aren't even opened yet (don't ask me to..........) and won't be until after the first class this afternoon at the very earliest. Maybe......but for sure after the last class. Matt made me promise not to open things early, so I didn't. It only causes mass confusion and there's too much of that around here already!

WIth that, I have 15 minutes until class. I better run-----my first learner just arrived!!! Be well. Photos and more shortly!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


I'm so completely frightened by this e-mail that just came in............

Message from KOIGU WOOL DESIGNS: Shipment Detail

Ship To:
Number of Packages: 3
UPS Service: Three Day Select
Weight: 156.0 LBS
Tracking Number: 1ZAA52581218006962
Reference Number 1: KWD

It appears that we'll have 150+ pounds of new yarn from Koigu on Friday. Is anyone else scared?