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Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Coming!!!!!!!!!

After much hype and expectation and looking for it to arrive around Labor Day, the Malabrigo Yarn worsted-weight hand-dyed merino has left and is headed this way, with an expected delivery date of Tuesday-ish of next week.

Curious about what it is? Each skein is 210 yards of 100% merino wool, hand-dyed in Uruguay in an amazing spectrum of colors.

We're not receiving EVERY shade this time around, but we will be getting about 30-35 bags of yarn. I expect it to retail in the $11 a skein range, but that's well worth it, trust me. It's some of the most amazingly-soft yarn I've ever touched! I have two sweaters started out of it (hush up, Sheila--you confessed to start-itis, too!) and I've felted a swatch as an example for the shop. YUM YUM!

That's MY big news for the far!

Monday, October 10, 2005

In And Out

Just a quick post here to let you know that I'm making great progress on Faith (the 15-garter-strips cardi from the new Melville book) and that I'm designing something fun that will be a useful pattern (in my opinion) in the near future....making good use of Filatura di Crosa's great self-striping mohair called....Multicolor....or be great at a very practical stitches-per-inch gauge).

Oh, and if you're still in the market for yarn to make the incredible cover sweater from the Fall Vogue Knitting International (Annie Modesitt's brainchild), we're your source. I received a nice BIG shipment from Lorna's Laces in the very colors used in the garment. Hit me up if you're in the market!

I'm off to go knit for the evening...BE WELL!