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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whew! Let The Madness Return!

After a long week of preparations, we are now in the middle of the fourth and final day of our Summer Clearance sale at the shop. And yes, it took several days of preparations on the part of myself, Matt, and our store manager Sabrina, to pull this all off. Now at the end of the wild ride of four days, I see some time coming back to me that I'll definitely use to re-emerge and post again.

Tons of yarn (literally) has left the shelves, making way for the tons and tons that have either already arrived (we have been keeping things in the back storeroom due to a lack of space out front) and are also arriving in the next several days and weeks. Now that there's room, I can release much of our new stock for fall (some's here already, but most was on hold until this sale, which was originally planned for late July....).

Look for fantastic pictures of beautiful stuff coming soon. Meg from Twisted delivered on Friday (80 hanks of BEAUTIFUL stuff, including four new colourways), I've finished several garments while I was gone from here, and I've started lots of new fun projects.

Hurry back!