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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Madness Strikes Again

We did it again...another after-hours creativity session at the shop after closing on a Sunday evening. This time it's all about blending color and texture with an end result in mind. It's a little bit related to last week's jumping off point yet a little different.

Matt's the one swatching this time, just to prove me wrong. And he surely did, as what I see coming off of his needles is quite nice, and I would have NEVER guessed.

We also decided on several new shop models for me to get started on the knitting, as well as yarns for our upcoming TWO Yarn Tasting events (yes, I said TWO...we scheduled the next one for November, with the exact date to be announced in our weekly newsletter this Wednesday). The first one is announced and full (taking place on September 30th), and we're already plotting and planning for the next one (a good bit of work goes into the planning, from a computer/pattern standpoint as well as producing models and knitting side of things). Details coming soon!