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Friday, July 06, 2007

More Socky Goodness (and some darned pretty other stuff)

As promised, we had a nice, hefty delivery from Meg, our local buddy who's a mucho talented hand-dyer. Check out the stack

Four different colourways (two of 'em brand new to us--Giles and Angst), and in each color family there's some Arial (100% merino sock weight), some Kabam! (a blend of superwash merino, bamboo, and nylon that's also sock gauge), and some Duchess (her dk-weight superwash merino). Most in each bundle is the Arial, but there was a couple Kabam! and Duchess in each colourway. No matter how you slice it, they're $27 a hank for excellent yardage (e.g. the Arial has 480 yards in a hank), so hurry up and get us at 866-939-BEAR or e-mail me to order some up!

Also in today's deliveries....two (or maybe three) mongo-sized boxes of Alchemy Yarns,

complete with dozens, nee hundreds, of patterns, big bundles of Haiku, a lace weight silk/mohair blend; Silk Purse, their dk-weight 100% silk; and Silken Straw, a tape-like yarn of 100% silk that's ultra soft. There's more yarns to follow (more Silk Purse, lots of Bamboo, and some Synchronicity). I'll try to run some pictures after it's all stickered and available for adoption to a good home. We also received some fun model garments, along with the yarns. HOORAY for examples of what you can do with beautiful yarns!

I finally broke my "knitting curse" tonight, and I did get some work done on my Torino cardi, after 72 full hours of no knitting whatsoever. That may be a record for me--seriously. Three days and no progress on anything??? Pictures of the cardi in my next post, along with an update on the Nanako jacket. For now, I'm bushed and it's time to go home. Be well!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sock It To Me, Baby

If you're a sock yarn addict, this post is going to be dangerous for you.....If you're not into socks, this may convert you! (plus, there's a little bit in here for you lace lovers out there, too!)

We received our first "official" order of Cherry Tree Hill's newest yarn called Sockittome (Sock It To Me, all run together). This yarn is 80% superwash merino wool and 20% nylon (for added durability) and is their first foray into sock yarn with a little nylon content. Check out the lovely colors we have in stock and ready to ship

but wait....there's more....

and still more

Twelve different colourways waiting for your needles, and at just $18 (introductory pricing, as I was told it was to be $22 per skein) for 480 yards of hand-dyed loveliness. We received six skeins of each colourway, and a couple are starting to sell briskly (Monet and Misty Moor, to be exact). Hurry up and be in touch via phone (866-939-BEAR) or e-mail for your best selection.

Now, for the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock delivery....

Seven shades were in this delivery, each almost as beautiful as the next. The Mountain Creek hasn't been in stock for over three years, which is surprising. It's quite pretty and knits up very nicely. Our Shepherd Sock is priced at suggested retail of $11 a skein, and it takes two skeins to make a pair of adult socks (well, adult sized......but I digress).

And there's more! We also received a batch of Helen's Lace

and even more

This is some lovely stuff, and it always sells through quickly at our shop. One skein makes a lovely shawl, and the pattern is found on the inside of the label wrapped around the skein. At just $56 each, they're a bargain for 50/50 tussah silk and merino wool.

Last week brought a BIG order from Dream in Color, with most of it being worsted to restock our shelves and to help us assemble more kits for the Tulips Sweater kits we're offering. In addition to the original colourway, Matt has created eight additional offerings, with the possibility of more to come (but not anytime soon, trust me--we're still getting caught up). Well, in addition to the worsted, some of the amazing Smooshy (sock weight) arrived, too. Here's our current color lineup

At $21 for 450 yards of superwash and SUPER squishy merino, it's one heckuva bargain! Best of all, we have both sock patterns in stock--Sleepwalker and Sweet Dreams, each at just $4 (and just one skein of Smooshy).

Worst of all, I haven't had the time to knit a single stitch in 48 hours (and counting). The last time I knitted was on Tuesday evening, when we went to a play (Nunsense) at the Augusta Barn Theater in Augusta, MI, with our wonderful sales rep/friend Mary and her husband. It was a fantastic evening with friends, complete with a nice dinner out and an aftershow cabaret-style setting with music and made for the perfect evening out. If you're in the (Kalamazoo/Battle Creek) area and like live theater, The Barn Theater is not to be missed!

Off to go home and to actually knit this evening! HOORAY! More tomorrow, including progress pix of my Nanako jacket and the new Torino cardi. I PROMISE!