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Friday, October 07, 2005

Smothered in New and More New

New....Sally Melville's Book 3: Color. $24.95 plus media mail shipping makes it $27.21 (out of Michigan); if you're in the state, change it to $28.84 thanks to sales tax.

I consumed the book yesterday morning (literally....cover to cover) and picked out six things I must make N-O-W. Of course, I started one last night--the Faith Jacket, in Manos. This is the one that captivated me at yarn market in June, as it's 15 garter stitch scarves, basically, assembled into a garment. My version for the shop is going to be stunning!

Knitscene (preview it here), a pattern magazine that's a collaboration of Interweave Press, Muench Yarns, Classic Elite Yarns, and Tahki-Stacy Charles Yarns. Creative, multi-media (knitting, crocheting, and more) and very interesting garments. I'll try to do a little review and posting here after the weekend, as there's some things in here that are SHARP and a couple that I think are clinkers (but that's just my "fashion sense", which is basically NIL). $7.99 plus postage makes it $9.74 ($9.85 inside Michigan). There's probably four things in there that I would start NOW, and several that would make great shop models.

Our annual Black Water Abbey trunk show is here. We have all colors of the yarns, over 20 model garments, and kits for felted totes in fair isle and modular designs. It runs through the first of November, so if you're in the area, it's well worth the hop over to the shop. This yarn is typically only sold directly from the US distributor to the consumer or at large knitting expos like Stitches, so we're fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with Marilyn and get great yarns and good designs every fall. And yes, I can do any mail order you'd like with the yarn--gimme a holler!

Mission Falls is in it's last season as a yarn company, and we're ecstatic to be carrying the wool yarn (the cotton is no more, as of last year) and all of the pattern books. Also, for the remainder of the month, we have a trunk show of nearly 30 garments for you to visit, try on, and lust over. I was worse than a kid at Christmas opening the box of garments yesterday--there's sweaters, shrugs, hats, bags, mittens, cardis, wraps and more.

And we do have two new rotations in the fall Colinette trunk show in the shop (for a total of four). There's two incredible jackets, three AbFab throws, and all sorts of other awesome sweaters and accessories.

It's a good time to be a knitter! (and shop owner!)

If you're interested in any knitting goodies, slip me a note. GET KNITTIN'!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Full Disclosure

Tuesday is my day off from the shop, so I typically take home a good bit of yarn to work on various projects over the day--with good intentions. Well, I took a bunch of pictures last week and will share with you in the next couple days, after THIS week's day off.

In the mean time, here's a quick drive-by post of something FUN that arrived on Friday

It's called Recycled Sarong, from Mango Moon, that fantastic yarn distributor with a concience. We love their yarns and their purpose (the Nepali Women's Empowerment Group), and the owner (Amana) is an amazing and kind individual.

Specs on the yarn

  • 150 yards of recycled sarong fabric, which means it's made of Rayon (Viscose)

  • Comes in two variations--Dawn (more yellows) and Dusk (more blues), but there's no real colourway to the yarn other than that (because it's made from actual sarongs that have worn out, shredded, and respun into yarn, each is an individual work of art)

  • $18 a skein

    BEAUTIFUL STUFF! Need some? drop me a line and we'll mail it off right away!