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Friday, July 09, 2004

Lost in Yarn Land

No, we've not died. When we have tons of mail order to attend to, I sometimes cannot justify the 2-3 hours it takes to create a good blog post. Plus, that's only generating MORE mail order (not a bad thing, but you know...........I feel guilty...we've covered my Roman Catholic guilt before, here). So, I haven't been blogging because I've been trying to get caught up.

That said......I'll try to do a good post in the next couple days. But for now, I bring you something that JUST showed up on our doorstep (no, not the Alchemy Yarns, but they did arrive today). Check it out!

That's the latest issue of IK, for Fall 2004. I have them, they're ready to be mailed out, and you can have yours next week instead of waiting for it to show up on the news stand or other source. Cover price is $6.99, so from us it's just $6.21. Sent out media mail, it's $7.71 complete (postage included), and you'll have it midweek at the latest. Drop me an e-mail if you need a copy and I'll mail it first thing on Saturday (our mail was picked up about 30 minutes ago for Friday).

I've got a new book to show you, as well as the Alchemy Yarns, and a photo shoot of the new BOBBLE that was a teaser here last week. Take care, say hi if you get a chance, and knit like mad--cooler weather is a'comin!

Monday, July 05, 2004

Weekend Hangovers........

No, we didn't do any drinking over the long weekend--I'm referring to the fact that I'll be a day behind all week long ( is "Sunday"), because the weekend hangs over into the week. Low Helen left a voice message saying she read something in today's paper, so if I hadn't seen the Sunday paper to let her know. That's exactly my point--I'll be a day off until the coming weekend.

Not much knitting to show for the past several days. We were unofficially "open for business" this weekend, as it was a long weekend and many folks had asked to come over to "view the yarn and see us and the dogs", so who am I to deny them? We had a busy weekend of foot traffic and I have a MONSTER stack of boxes and envelopes headed out in the morning---poor letter carrier, she was off since Wednesday. I'm making up for it tomorrow.....

While I'm on the subject of knitting, I may not be making much progress on my Keepsake Shawl of late, but Carolyn over at Girl Reaction sure has. Click here to check hers out (June 27th entry). WOW! Now that is motivational! When I get finished here, I'm going to sit and knit on my own version for a little bit. Maybe I can knock out the solid stretch I'm working on right now. I can feel it getting faster and faster, as the rows are shorter and shorter.

To all of those who covet Koigu Kersti

Matt has completed stage one of getting the Kersti online--the multicolored inventory. Next he'll work on the solids, but for now you can view every available color (with somewhat current inventory numbers) by clicking here for the Kersti page. There's even a few projects highlighted for this yarn, in case the ribby raglan isn't your cup o'tea.

I've been in close contact with Taiu up at Koigu of late (do keep the entire Landra family in your thoughts, please.......they can use the positive energy!) and she and I are cooking up something wonderful to be announced in the next week or so. No hints, no tips---just trust me in that it will be INCREDIBLE and you'll wanna be a part of it, if at all possible. These are some phenomenal people---they take incredibly good care of us, and--in turn--our yarn customers. I can't say enough good things about them. THANK YOU, Taiu, Maie, Richard, Kersti, and "Dad".

Fresh new yarns........yup, we're still getting things delivered to the Indiana location (makes me sound like we have multiple we're a franchise or something...OOOH, there's an idea!). This week we do expect Phildar (pattern books only), some Rowan, and our first shipment of Alchemy Yarns (probably Thursday...Yummmmmmmm). But for now, here's what's left of the Lorna's Laces box that arrived on Tuesday...(yes, several of the Sampler Bouquets are gone, as well as some of the Lion & Lamb and pairs of the yarns below).

First off, one of my favorite fibers from them, Helen's Laced

Half tussah silk, half merino wool, and all incredible! There's a free shawl pattern on the label and there's an incredible scarf pattern in the Vogue Scarves II book (and I think there's enough yarn in a hank to make two of the scarves). It's $48 retail, so $43.20 from us. Jump on some NOW!

If you're into beautiful color and amazing texture, maybe this will strike your fancy

That's a skein of their feltable worsted wool, Fisherman, in Daffodil ($27 retail, or $24.30 from us). And also a skein of their worsted-weight silk/wool single, Lion & Lamb, in Clay ($29 retail, so $26.10 from me). Fisherman would make a great hat/scarf/mittens (or a couple of them from that choice set) or a fab felted bag. The Lion & Lamb makes an awesome scarf and we have several freebie pattern ideas with purchase.

Socks, you say? Why sure! The perfect summer knitting project, they're highly portable and very useful and beautiful when you're done. Especially in these colors

At $16.66 a pair ($18.50 retail), you can have beautiful hand-knit socks from a hand-dyed yarn for just over $15. I'm telling you, think gifting! Think of indulging yourself, too. Cari did recently (grin).

We did get some of the beautiful Shepherd Sport yarn in as well. Check out these eye-popping colors

I love this yarn and this weight. Matt's used it for socks (his completed Aslan toe-up socks, for example). But be advised, there's no nylon in this yarn, which some believe is essential for good wear in socks. Matt's really hard on clothing items (especially things on his feet) and his are holding up well, tho. It's still a nice weight for a variety of projects, and at $8.33 a skein, quite a bargain for 200 yards of hand-dyed superwash merino.

And, like I mentioned above, we did get a couple Sampler Bouquets in with this shipment. One's in one of my favorite colourways

That's Tuscany, and this one is quite incredible--it includes BOTH cranberry and Brick, in addition to the multis in Tuscany. Mmmmmmm. Good Stuff! And the other one is rather self explanatory

Yup, it's Purple Club. All purples, all the time. Each kit is $148 retail, or $133.20 from us. And we have a variety of patterns and ideas for the yarns, in case you need inspiration. And there's always something like a multi-fiber throw or poncho. Yup, it's a good thing!

As always, slip me an e-mail if you're interested in having some of these yarns for your very own. Mail service resumes in the morning, so I'm sure we can get something headed your way and in your hands by the weekend, if not sooner. Thanks for reading, and keep checking back in. You never know WHAT you'll read here!