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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Few Pictures of Projects

I've been busy...I've been knitting. And here's the proof....

First off, the felted mobius bag from "Second Treasury of Magical Knitting", using Colinette Skye in Umber

It's a terribly fun bag and all who try it on say it rests on the shoulder nicely and rides on the hip comfortably. And Skye felts into a LOVELY fabric--one of my learners in the class I taught used the colourway Kingfisher to make a bag for herself, and it's LOVELY.

The Wildflowers Cardigan from Koigu is also completed,

and that's the lovely and talented Gwen (also our across-the-street neighbor) modeling it for me. I gotta brag on Gwen, as she just finished her first sock in my "Intro to Socks" class and it's perfectly done and quite cute! Back to Wildflowers--it's done with Koigu Rumba, a brushed mohair yarn that's just a dream to knit with and works up QUICKLY. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this yarn and want to make something else with it soon. Someone in my beginning knitting class is making this same sweater, using Colinette Mohair in Dusk (a lovely combo of lapis, forest, and purple) and it's coming out JUST STUNNING.

Again, here's Gwen,

modeling the No Shaping Shrug from Unique Kolours, using Colinette Firecracker and Silky Chic. It's a great project for newer knitters (and experienced folk, too) as there's no increasing/decreasing and MINIMAL finishing (three small seams) to put the two pieces together, which are garter stitch rectangles. I've made another one out of Giotto and Silky Chic (same pattern, with two modifications) that is more of a bolero-style cover up and QUITE adorable (I just discovered there are no pictures of it anywhere, so I'll have to take one and show you how cute it is!). This same pattern is evolving into a vest and eventually a sweater, which should be fun (I'll get the patterns when the good folks at Unique Kolours return from Stiches East next week).

Next on the FINISHED list is a stunning shawl that I started awhile ago and put down because I ran out of yarn (the original version of the pattern called for two balls, and the updated version asks for three, and you need them, as I ran out at the start of the fifth row on the ruffle and had to complete that AND the bind off row, and the two together used up about half of the third ball). Check out the lovely SueH

The pattern is a Karabella Yarns design called "Gossamer Shawl with Ruffle" (aptly named, no?) and calls for three balls of their Gossamer yarn. Gossamer is a light mohair yarn with a metallic accent that you cannot see very well in these pictures, but it really adds a little SPARK to the finished fabric--just a touch of bling for evening wear. SueH, however, wore this shawl all day on Wednesday at the shop while she was working, and it was hard to convince her to leave it here at the end of her shift. Gossamer is a lovely yarn and we have about a dozen shades right now (more coming as it becomes available), or you can use other yarns for the same design (Ritratto from Tahki/Stacy Charles is a nice sub, and I wonder how Multicolor from Filatura di Crosa would look, as I've suggested it over and over again for several projects since it arrived last week). Multicolor, by the way, is a self-striping mohair yarn that's JUST DELICIOUS! If nothing else, I'm gonna make a multidirectional scarf out of it soon!

So that's the saga of most of my finished projects (no pix of my Cha-Cha Bolero, no pix of my finished AbFab Stripes that got mailed away, no pix of the bolero I mentioned above)....I can share pix of these three soon. And I have about 842 new projects on the needles (including the fantastic mittens from this book, which I have one "Dizzy" completed and one "Blossom" nearly finished, with the other three to follow SOON). I've also started this jacket from their new "Spirit" book, as well as this coat from "Quinte Collection". You guess right! Our Mission Falls wool order has arrived! We're fully stocked with yarn and patterns, so choose your projects and be in touch!

I'll blame this starting thing on one incident---last week my fortune cookie said "Now is a good time to start something new". Who am I to argue with Asian wisdom? (I started six new projects since consuming that cookie, with two more about to hit the needles this weekend!).

Need more information about any of the above projects or want to order your own goodies? Do be in touch and we can hook you up!

Be well, and knit like mad!